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I have my language for thinking book - a right eye opener! Help!!!!!!

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youarewinning Wed 12-Feb-14 20:58:45

As I said have the LFT book now. I did an assessment with DS. I started at module 1 despite the fact he's 9 and can read fairly well.

He scored 38 - which means we start the worksheets at module 1 and work on language level 3.

The most interesting thing was that DS scored more highly in language level B than he did A (and obviously lowest in C).

So if I'm right I continue with module 1 throughout the assessments until he scores the full amount and then move through to module 2? That does make sense but DS used the pictures for clues a lot.

Does anyone think it would be worth assessing him on module 2 or 3 and assessing his language then? Purely on the basis they don't really get visual clues in year 5 and it would be worth comparing his language level this way. Or would it just be best to carry on from where we are?

I have a film of him - interesting if anyone wants to watch - could do with some outside opinions if you have the time.

Also does anyone find because their dc knows it's an activity they tend to try really hard and it doesn't reflect their everyday talking?


youarewinning Wed 12-Feb-14 21:22:46



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