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Foundation year DS struggling - is it worth getting an assessment?

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PhilomenaCunk Tue 11-Feb-14 20:46:18

DS is 5. He is struggling with number and letter recognition. His teacher, who I am very happy with and who seems to have a real understanding of his abilities, is proposing some 1-1 time with him to work on this and his memory, which is poor. She says that although he's not yet very far behind his peers, his difficulties with this seem inconsistent with his general recall, his vocabulary etc. so she wants to address it now. She thinks that phonics might not be the right thing for him.

He finds phonics very difficult, and sight reading is a real problem - he forgets new words within a page. He also can't do time words, has never understood "tomorrow" or "yesterday" as words. He's started to notice that other children find things a lot easier. He's been in tears on more than one occasion about not being able to do what he wants to.

I know assessments aren't normally done until Year 2. But I'd be willing to get a private assessment if it would be useful. I have dyspraxia and my brother has dyslexia. I don't want a diagnosis particularly, but I want to know that DS is getting the help he needs ASAP before he's got too far behind... Will it help the school if I get an assessment done? And what would it involve for a 5 year old?

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