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Request to Assess

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mumsuz Tue 11-Feb-14 12:38:58

I am making a request to to the LA to assess my DD. I have seen the model letter on the IPSEA website. My question is this - at this stage, do I include various reports/assessments that have been made (SALT, OT, Ed Pysch - some private, some via the LA)? Or should I just refer to the difficulties and explain why school isnt giving her what she needs? School are supportive of applying for statement (though quite negative about possibility of her getting anything).

Some of the reports appear to show progress (for example she was dismissed from the LA SALT programme though everyone seems to agree that she still has many language/communication difficulties). It is true that she has made some progress over the past few years but the gpa between her and her peers is getting wider. Do I include reports and put them in context - or just fill in details of difficulties and wait for LA to respond.

I realise that they are likely to refuse to assess so wonder if it is best to keep all the reports/assessment for later in the process.

I know others have asked similar questions before but any help/guidance appreciated. We are in Haringey LA.


AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 11-Feb-14 13:04:14

Use IPSEA's template letter and make reference to the difficulties explaining why the school is not meeting her needs.

Do not include a ream of reports at this stage; they will not likely be read. Also if you ever send reports in, send in photocopies rather than originals.

Good luck with it all and keep posting here. If they refuse to assess use IPSEA's refusal to assess pack.

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