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Nuffield Speech Centre, London

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sittinginsilence Fri 07-Feb-14 10:41:27

I was wondering if anyone outwith the London area has successfully obtained funding for a referral to Nuffield Speech Centre in London and how long did it take, what process did you follow with your local GP/SALT?
Also in general if anyone has experience of the assessments and therapy carried out at the centre - was it worth while?
Thanks in advance smile

beautifulgirls Fri 07-Feb-14 15:19:42

We were sent from a London suberb Borough so not sure if that is what you mean? I went to the GP and asked for a referral there and told them why I specifically wanted that centre (DD private SALT had Dxd verbal dyspraxia but school were concerned there were other issues too - I wanted to go there as a centre of excellence for them to see her and advise if her issues were all down to her verbal dyspraxia or if they felt there was more going on). They are extremely thorough there and we went back to see one of their psychologists for further assessment. For us it opened a lot of doors for further assessments locally and helped us finally figure out DD1's problems properly. Re funding - I have no idea how that works to be honest as our GP seemed happy to listen and refer on my request.

sittinginsilence Fri 07-Feb-14 21:10:30

hi thanks for your reply. the funding query is because we are in scotland and you have to obtain local health board funding prior to being referred and i can't find anyone who has been successful :S
great to hear how thorough they are. we are so keen to go as at the moment no one is committing to a diagnosis and we are beginning to feel like this could be our saviour!
will have to get prepared and pitch our case to the gp :-)

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