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ds2 (6) dx dyspraxia - frustrated by running - what next

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MellowMarshmallow Wed 05-Feb-14 20:34:43

You've all been so helpful in the past, so turning to MN again.

ds2 dx with dyspraxia 2 years ago. Some OT and RRT. Lots of help from school. Initially concentrated on fine motor and bilateral co-ord, which have shown great improvement.

He's now getting really frustrated by not being able to run. He can't run fast - he just doesn't have the strength in his legs, and falls often. Walking is slow, and he really can't pick up the pace. He describes his legs as tired, wobbly, or that they just won't do it.

Haven't seen OT for around 9 months, so we're definitely due an appointment.

Is there anything that can help with this? How do we build leg strength and coordination without damaging his self esteem through lots of falls?

vorpent Wed 05-Feb-14 21:09:12

I don't really know the answer, and would love it if someone comes on here who does! My ds1 can run, sort of, but also is a bit slow and often skips instead of runs. When he had an OT assess him, she said skipping is a way of stopping yourself falling.

A slightly random idea: the only sporty activity my ds does love is swimming. He's been doing lessons, and there came a point when he suddenly jumped ahead with it, from slightly comical dog-like, half-sinking swimming style, to something that looked like a plausible swimming stroke. He then also became a bit better at other gross motor stuff. Not saying he's great, mind! Is there a physical activity your ds does love to do? Maybe doing that more might bring him along a bit with walking?

I think my ds likes swimming partly because it provides a lot of resistance, and partly because it's not obvious to him that he's not as stylish a swimmer as the other children smile.

MellowMarshmallow Wed 05-Feb-14 21:43:52

Thanks vorpent. He does judo which he loves until they do running games and he also loves tennis but gets upset about the running. He does enjoy swimming which we could try more of.

vorpent Wed 05-Feb-14 22:17:53

I guess the great thing with swimming in particular is there's no possibility of falling over! Actually, I'm most impressed he can do judo and tennis, I wish I could talk my ds into that kind of thing.

Btw, have you tried reading The Out of Sync Child? I'm forever recommending it on here. I'm wondering if your ds has particular problems with the vestibular sense? I think it governs your relationship with gravity, balancing, feeling dizzy, that kind of thing. I think I read that it can lead to fearfulness of falling over and suchlike. Just an idea.

MellowMarshmallow Wed 05-Feb-14 23:04:09

yes it's a great book. He has a dysfunctional eustacian tube which may affect his balance which is why I thought it might be better to concentrate on building leg strength. been a while since I read the book though so will take another look at that part of it. thanks

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