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Water Toys

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salondon Tue 04-Feb-14 11:53:30


Our 4yr old daughter on with autism finds water play very reinforcing. We are trying to encourage pretend play mainly for peer interaction.

Looking for toys with water play in them with pretend play - like this Saddle Pals Grooming Station with Water Pumping Feature Set

Not looking for a water table. We have this and the problem this type of toy is that water is free access.. we want to limit her access to water so that she has to either wait for her turn or request a peer etc... You get the drift?

What other toys can we try?

Looked at dolls that drink and pee.. I dont think that will be very reinforcing for her..

possibly a kettle that (fake) boils?

Wondering if getting her a watering can will be something we can look at?

any other similar toys?


Goingcrazy888 Tue 04-Feb-14 12:24:42

Water guns
Water balloons
Tea set with water for the tea
Washing up bowl with items to sink/float
Also not really a toy but syringes to fill then push the water out

osospecial Tue 04-Feb-14 17:06:56

Dd loves water play and has had lots of fun with a robofish she had for xmas so I have used this as a reinforcer. I know that doesn't quite fit the bill for what you describe though. The only other things I can think of are
and this

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