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Community paed salt refferal help please!!

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Reecieroo Mon 03-Feb-14 19:23:55

Cut a long story short my ds1 has been going thru diagnoses procedure for over a year, we moved areas so had to start again........anyhow he saw the community paed in dec who said she could see he was on the spectrum (HF ASD) and as was approaching school in sept, didn't feel the need for a full multiple disciplinary assessment, however to cross the t's and dot the i's she would send a specialist salt into his nursery to do an observation and all meet this month to do an assessment and give diagnoses. Also she believed that his speech although excellent probably wasn't on par with his understanding and they would not be at the same level.

Salt went into nursery last week and told staff she was confused as to why she was even there as ds was giving eye contact (something we've been working on) and that he interacted well with two boys and chatting to her ........then the paed rings today as I've had issues with sleep and says that the salt report will affect getting a diagnoses as he should display behaviours at all times.

I'm so annoyed that this could set it all back, how can this salt judge him on one hour in a nursery that's very small and have worked well with ds to get him to join in, and early years advisor wrote a report separately saying that he echoed a lot and was over familiar with her and did not understand personal space and he used the same long sentence two or three times over that sounded 'learnt'.

Any advice on what to say at next appointment, at home he has echo and delayed echo and repeats words all the time, I infant recorded him on my phone saying co-op over and over whilst flapping will this help? Just want it to be all sorted before school and annoyed that professionals sound like friends and family saying oh well he talks so well but not seeing what I do.

Feels better even just writing that down so thanks for reading......if you got this far lol xx

Reecieroo Mon 03-Feb-14 19:26:14

Infact* not infant

Handywoman Mon 03-Feb-14 19:42:59

"he should display behaviours at all times" ...really? I would have a look at the diagnostic criteria. I don't think 'lack of eye contact' is in there either.

But I would wait to the written report before worrying too much. You might want to call and 'remind' them that you would like a written report of his/her findings ASAP. Keep badgering them!

Reecieroo Tue 04-Feb-14 14:15:10

Thanks handywoman, I have an assessment next week with his paed, salt and clinical psych, so I'm hoping they pick up on more during that. I've said to the nursery that it says more about the nursery than it does ds as when he feels comfortable and secure then he's not anxious, therefore not displaying as extreme behaviours, she did however pick up on his toe walking which is what kicked all this off in the first place......I was quite happy thinking he was just a bit quirky and knows how he likes things done and it was a physio that said it was sensory and everything was linked. Feel like they've initiated all this and now they are backtracking it's crazy 18 months of reports and 1 hour with a salt when he was apparently painting which he likes to do so he is going to engage more doing something he likes......she should of tried to change activity then she would of got what she was looking for!

adrianna1 Tue 04-Feb-14 17:52:22


The salt probably didn't not read, or given the chance to read his past reports.

This seems to happen a lot, I remember when they were assessing my son..they were looking at files that were 2 years old! I was the one who corrected them.

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