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Need a games help

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salondon Fri 31-Jan-14 11:55:07

My tutors have asked us to get these games for our daughter(turn taking games). When looking on amazon, the feedback is that the 'original' version of these games were much better than the new ones.. I did not grow up playing these. Can someone pls tell me where do I get the 'original' versions. The online sellers are charging a lot for postage

Ker plunk

PolterGoose Fri 31-Jan-14 12:09:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

salondon Fri 31-Jan-14 12:18:01

Thanks Polter.. we haev the monkey game which is similar to the bee one.

ouryve Fri 31-Jan-14 12:20:30

We have kerplunk and it takes ages to set up, but even DS2 can have a go, with support. It seems fairly robust. I don't know if it's changed in the few years since we bought it

You could try this - looks quicker to set up and would be safer for one who mouths things, though may not be good for a nervous child.

salondon Fri 31-Jan-14 12:22:14

we have the pop up piratesmile

which kerplunk do you have Ouryve?

salondon Fri 31-Jan-14 12:22:46

I am talking about this one

boobybum Fri 31-Jan-14 12:54:02

You might want to try looking on eBay to see if anyone is selling the original versions - might be cheaper too!

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Fri 31-Jan-14 12:58:03

I used to hate it when the SALT used Pop-up-pirate. The tension was unbearable and I couldn't control my startle reflex blush. So humiliating.

ouryve Fri 31-Jan-14 13:02:23

No, it's this one we have. It's quite robust, but it's fiddly to assemble and takes longer to put all the sticks and marbles in than it does to play!

Connect 4 is good for turn taking, btw, even if your child doesn't appreciate the strategy involved.

ouryve Fri 31-Jan-14 13:02:46


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