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Daily diary - am I asking too much from school??

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Hedgyhoggy Tue 28-Jan-14 12:17:56

Ds is in recept has gdd (functions at about the 2 year old level across areas of dev). He has limited vocab and understanding and generalises words so that all classmates are called George. Therefore...

I really wanted to talk to him about who he has been playing with and a little of what he has been doing so I asked if school would send a line or 2 in a diary. Good start but only lasted a couple of weeks now nothing, and I have to tell them if I have put an entry in the diary (e.g if he says 'cup cup' he means forklift).

They also said that they would label a class photo with the children's names. This was in sept and still nothing despite ed psych pushing them.

Two concerns really 1) am I asking too much, he does have a statement for 20 hrs so I am sure TAs could find a couple of mins 2) is this a reflection on what they are doing with him in class

Actually just realised too many concerns to list (as usual).

What do you get from your dc schools and how do you handle them so that you get to act without being 'that parent'. He only received statement in Nov so I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt and excusing it while they get organised.

Perchkin Tue 28-Jan-14 12:30:15

Oh hedgy I do feel for you.
I'm afraid I have turned into "that parent" sad. Since September I have asked nicely for certain adjustments to be made (including a communication book) - it worked for a day or two. I've paid for OT, EP and SLT to go into school and explain things - it worked for a couple of days. I've met with the head - ditto. I've written letter of omplaint to the head - and guess what? And so it goes on.

No you are not asking too much, but I ask myself that same question every day. It helps me to come on here and read about what others think. Then I stop doubting myself and continue to be "that parent" sad. They knew all his needs from Reception and here we are into the second term year one and still these things are not being done consistently or reliably. And there are only 7 in DS class!

I have however got to the point of not knowing what to do next - except look for another school.

My only advice is to keep pushing, and to put all your concerns in writing. I am not putting everything in writing, no matter whether it's something I would normally have just chatted to the CT about.

Perchkin Tue 28-Jan-14 12:30:40

*now, not not

PolterGoose Tue 28-Jan-14 12:49:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

autumnsmum Tue 28-Jan-14 13:34:26

Hegdy they should be doing it dd2 is at a sp sch nursery so all the children have a home school book . I rely on it as though dd2 is verbal she doesn't report th gs so I wouldn't know what she had done if it wasn't written down , also like your ds she has her own words for things a duvet is a other end for example. Please tell them it needs to be done

boobybum Tue 28-Jan-14 13:43:08

Ah the mythical home-school book? All my son's used to say was 'DS had a lovely day, bit tired in the afternoon' or occasionally it would tell us if he had done messy play but given he would be covered in paint/glue etc we could have worked that out!
Luckily we now have his ABA tutors going into school with him so we get to know everything he does which given he is non verbal is great.
Can you suggest to the teacher/TA that as the book isnt being conpleted that maybe you could have a meeting with them at the end of everyday to find out what your DS has been up to - This might prompt them into completing the book?!
With regard to getting a class photo we have struggled too. I think there may be privacy/protection issues with letting any photos out of school but I presume there will be formal school photos taken at some point and then you could buy one and ask the teacher to write the kids names on the back. Any parents who don't want their child's photograph publicly available wouldn't let them be in it.

Tambaboy Tue 28-Jan-14 13:58:55

My Ds had a home-school book in reception that was filled in most days by the TA that used to work with him. On occasion, she didn't have time to write it down but would talk to me after school and tell me about the day. He was just on School Action + at the time.
We did ask for a picture of ds classmates with their names on it but that was refused due to privacy concerns.

minionmadness Tue 28-Jan-14 14:28:50

I am "that parent", unfortunately... if I wasn't I would get limited info from school and since ds (YR1) doesn't tell me anything about school that would very much leave me in the dark. I say this knowing that my ds is at a relatively good school compared to some of the stories we read on here.

We tried lots of variations on a theme and ended up with a template with each element to his day (numeracy, literacy, PE etc.) and his TA/CT write a brief summary in each section. This then gets stuck in his home/school book.

It's not perfect, but gets away from the "miniminion had a good day" rubbish I was often getting.

Be that parent...

Hedgyhoggy Tue 28-Jan-14 21:26:01

Right...meeting tomorrow with head, senco and ed psych. Written out a list of questions and preparing myself to be stroppy. Thanks everyone xx

We got a lovely photo book that dd's FS2 (MS) teacher made with photos of all the class and their names. It took her almost 2 terms!!! (It took ages to get parental consent was the reason she gave) But when it came, it made a big difference to dd's social skills.

KimberlyMicado Wed 29-Jan-14 18:49:13

It is written in our dd's statement that the school must provide and complete a home school book daily for DD's emotional well being. Last year they refused to do it which caused all manner of problems and lead to a really strained atmosphere between us and the school and DD being affected very badly. We ended up complaining to the board of governors. This year the home school book is in full swing completed by the TA it tells us what topics were covered so we can do additional work, look on the computer, get books out of library etc, who dd played with what they played, any probs or issues and any important info eg non uniform day etc. did cannot relay info so this is a must and helps the school as much as the parents.

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