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SSA rate question

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salondon Thu 23-Jan-14 15:59:22

our Senior Advisory Teacher, Portage, Early Support and Inclusion had said to me that the maximum rate that can be claimed back for SSA support via a statement in is £12.50 per hour

But now, they have paid the lsa £8.49/hr. why would that be? We had a verbal agreement of £12.50/hr

The lsa is our existing tutor who we top up. Happy to do that. But I am not sure if I should contest them and ruffle feathers

I asked the nursery and they simply said talk to the HR.

lougle Thu 23-Jan-14 20:06:06

It might depend on the qualifications of the LSA? I know that preschool funding uses a formula which takes into account the level of training of the staff, so settings with higher qualified staff get a higher £ per child than settings with lower qualified staff.

salondon Thu 23-Jan-14 20:57:21

She is an ABA tutor with masters. I have asked her to email their HR. chopping off 33% funding is not fair. That money was allocated to my child. Her tA should be appropriately qualified. This kind of stuff that schools do adds a whole new dimension to the fight.

salondon Thu 06-Feb-14 18:14:28

Can I do something in this scenario? Rather what can i do to avoid this happening.

Early years setting claim £12.80/hr but only pay £8.49/hr to the lsa. They are allowing ABA so i am tempted to just suck it up. However how do I avoid this in future? Like in primary school? Do parents have a say?

The setting is keeping the difference as their admin costs.

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