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If you're on FB do you address it when people post anti SN nonsense?

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Sparklysilversequins Tue 21-Jan-14 08:37:45

You know that "in my day we didn't have behavioural disorders just little brats!" kind of nonsense.

It really bothers me, have two dc with ASD. Someone posted it again this morning, I get so tired of seeing it. I suppose it weeds out the ignorant knobs but I feel like I HAVE to say something to defend my dc and others like them. Do you? Or do you just block?

PolterGoose Tue 21-Jan-14 08:55:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babiki Tue 21-Jan-14 10:26:18

I have only very good friends or students from OU on FB - none of them would be so stupid. If anybody was, I would delete them.

BallyGoBackwards Tue 21-Jan-14 10:54:20

I have never come across this at all. If I did then they would no longer be friends with me and I wouldnt have to see there posts.

bluebirdonmyshoulder Tue 21-Jan-14 11:01:48

Have also never come across this. I don't think any of my friends would post such crap.

If they did then they'd be deleted from my life, never mind FB.

SallyBear Tue 21-Jan-14 12:24:22

None of my FB friends would ever do that.

theDudesmummy Tue 21-Jan-14 13:37:41

Agree with what everyone has said, would not speak to such people again, whether on FB or in RL.

Sparklysilversequins Tue 21-Jan-14 13:38:01

It's happened three times and I just immediately block the person but I wanted to say something and tell them how ignorant and unpleasant they were.

theDudesmummy Tue 21-Jan-14 13:43:15

I suppose whether I bothered to give them feedback prior to blocking them would depend on the individual person, whether I think they are likely to give some thought to my feedback and maybe change. If I thought not then I would not bother.

bialystockandbloom Tue 21-Jan-14 14:20:15

I'd be tempted to suggest that with such wisdom and insight they should offer their services to train all the developmental psychologists, behavioural specialists, paediatricians, educational psychologists, s&l therapists, autism advisory services and the thousands of other professionals who diagnose and support children every day wink

zzzzz Tue 21-Jan-14 14:22:17

I point out the error of their ways. grin <arsey>

SilverApples Tue 21-Jan-14 14:44:09

I would, but it doesn't happen. Quite the opposite in fact.
I'm very fussy about who I have as FB friends though.

PleaseNoMoreMinecraft Tue 21-Jan-14 23:39:31

Not everyone on FB knows my kids are on the spectrum, so I wouldn't challenge them but would consider blocking them.

Perchkin Wed 22-Jan-14 08:25:06

I've never come across this type of post. I don't believe any of my FB friends would post anything like this. However, if any of them did I would certainly have something to say about it! And I would have to consider how well I really knew them......

I should also add that very few of my FB friends (maybe 2?) know that my DS is on the spectrum. And I still would not expect to see this sort of post from them.

But then I only actually have "friends" as my FB friends. No acquaintances or random strangers.

Perchkin Wed 22-Jan-14 08:30:24

Mind you, there is something in that quote you posted OP. It is quite true that kids were not diagnosed with ASD or whatever years ago, and they were just considered to be badly behaved/badly brought up ("brats"). It was only the profoundly autistic DC who did not speak or engage with the world around them at all, who were diagnosed as autistic.
It's good that things have moved on and a whole range of disorders are now recognised and that our DC do get some help (albeit that we have to fight tooth and nail for it sometimes).

SilverApples Wed 22-Jan-14 08:44:52

A number of friends on my FB have children on the spectrum, we used to belong to a forum that closed and moved to FB to keep contact.

streakybacon Wed 22-Jan-14 08:47:00

I've only ever seen a couple of instances of this type of thing and they've both been genuine misunderstandings about autism, which I've responded to appropriately to set things straight.

To be honest, I get more irked by people reposting disability support type messages, highlighting how difficult life is for children with autism etc, when I know it's come from someone who has no concept of what that means in real life and even at times from people who've been pretty unkind to my son and others with autism. I have to sit on my hands when those ones come through.

elliejjtiny Thu 23-Jan-14 16:49:38

I've had 2 friends post on facebook about people with blue badges parking in P and C spaces. Both times I replied saying that actually P and C spaces are a courtesy and blue badge holders can park in them too. One time I was ignored and the 2nd time someone I didn't know who was a blue badge holder backed me up.

TraceyErica1977 Thu 23-Jan-14 17:00:57

I'd quickly inform them of their utter ignorance, tell them to do some research before sharing their uninformed opinion with the world and then remove them. I don't think you should ever have to feel the need to defend your dc or justify why they are the way they are to ignorant people. It's clearly their problem, not yours or your dc.

uggerthebugger Thu 23-Jan-14 17:05:15

What streaky said. To the letter.

I haven't had to block anyone on FB for bigotry, but dear God, the number of shallow passive-aggressive compassion athletes who repost shit like "SPECAL NEEDS KIDS ARE SPECAL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE THEY JUST NEED A HUG SHARE THIS OR I HOPE U GET CANCER"....

autumnsmum Thu 23-Jan-14 18:29:32

Streaky totally agree

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