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Lottie in Eve

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Thomcat Thu 04-Mar-04 15:05:02

Olive oil pointed it out in 'Other Subjects' but as it was first mentioned here and I told lots of you on this section when it was out ... it's out.

April issue, Brooke Shields on the front, Charlotte Moir inside!

fio2 Thu 04-Mar-04 15:24:49

Ooooooo Thomcat!!! I am going to get it tonight, i am so excited!!! and if I see loads of women fighting over the last copy of eve, I will KNOW they are mumsnetters

fairydust Thu 04-Mar-04 17:54:34

oh that's fab thom - i've put it on my shopping list for 2-morrow.

nutcracker Thu 04-Mar-04 18:02:45

Had a look for it when i picked kids up but couldn't see it anywhere. It was the crappy co-op though. I'll try looking elsewhere.

fio2 Fri 05-Mar-04 10:55:52

Awwwww Thomcat I bought it last night and it made me blub you are all so gorgeous and lovely!

Northerner Fri 05-Mar-04 10:59:47

Must say I've never bought Eve before, but it seems really good. Will prob buy it regularly now. God, I'm a magazine addict. I already buy New Woman, Company, Hello, OK, NOW ..........

marthamoo Fri 05-Mar-04 11:02:19

Oh, damnit, I forgot to get it. Wonder if they have it at the Post Office...

Thanks for reminding us Thomcat and Oliveoil!

fio2 Fri 05-Mar-04 11:03:53

I know northerner I have never bought it before either and read it cover to cover, liked the article on footballers wives too

Freddiecat Fri 05-Mar-04 11:19:54

Thomcat I read Eve yesterday and didn't know that you'd written the article but as soon as I read it I knew it was you and I cried!

I know from your posts that you are always really positive and lead an admirably full life compared to me - and I have to say that reading your posts was what convinced me not to have the Downs blood test in this pregnancy. I didn't actually know that Downs was on a sliding scale TBH - I thought it was something you either had or you hadn't.

I thought the article was lovely and you really hit the nail on the head with that massive rush of emotion towards your newborn baby (I got exactly the same thing and could not put him down). Lottie is gorgeous as well, such lovely eyes. I think DS who's nearly two has taken a bit of a shine to her (he said girl for the first time and pointed!).

Well done. It's a great article.

2under2 Fri 05-Mar-04 11:29:56

oooh Thomcat what a lovely article - and the pictures are just divine! What a sweetie Lottie is. You're looking good, too.

sobernow Fri 05-Mar-04 12:35:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur Fri 05-Mar-04 12:36:18

Going out to look for a copy when I get me sarnie at lunchtime!

dinosaur Fri 05-Mar-04 13:21:11

Lovely article, lovely photos. Well done Thomcat, Lottie and Aloha!

lilibet Fri 05-Mar-04 14:18:29

Isn't she lovely? (sorry cheesey song title!)

Really good article, well done to all involved, I cried at my desk

Janstar Fri 05-Mar-04 14:32:44

Been and got it and had a quick look. I guess this is the way forward if you can't make it to meet-ups, we'll just have to read about you in the papers instead

fairydust Fri 05-Mar-04 14:43:47

WOW is all i can say me and dh have just sat and cried at this fantastic article and oh lottie is just the cutest little girl ever.

I totally understood what u said about if you someone offered to take the downs away that you wouldn't want them to.

As this is what makes lottie who she is and i'm sure that no matter what the world throws at her she'll come out smiling as you and your dp love her no matter what and that's all that's matters.

WideWebWitch Fri 05-Mar-04 14:57:00

Aaah! I'm soppy and I cried too. Thomcat, what a lovely, lovely piece. Well done to you and Aloha and I think all the photos are wonderful, she's gorgeous. You've changed the way I think about down's too (not just this article, from your posts on the subject too).

alibubbles Fri 05-Mar-04 16:02:01

I think MN's have cleared all copies of Eve, my newsagent said he had three copies this morning but they flew off the shelves!

Managed to get one, you all look fantastic, DD says that Dom's a bit yummy!

Proudly showing it to my friends!

marthamoo Fri 05-Mar-04 16:20:48

Just got my copy. Oh it made me cry and smile all at the same time. What a beautiful family you are - Lottie is just gorgeous. It's such a fantastically positive article - if I had just been told I was having a baby with Down's and read that article it would make me feel so reassured that it wasn't all doom and gloom. Give Lottie a hug from me today, TC! Good stuff, aloha!

Azure Fri 05-Mar-04 16:25:01

I bought a copy at lunchtime too - I'd never even heard of the magazine before. Lovely article, lovely family. Also looking forward to reading the feature on how to transform my bottom!

Eulalia Fri 05-Mar-04 18:17:30

How wonderful your article has been published - must see it

Grommit Fri 05-Mar-04 18:21:54

Thomcat - just about you in Eve- it is a lovely article - Lottie is just gorgeous.

eyelash Fri 05-Mar-04 19:29:10


Just wanted to say that I bought the Eve magazine specifically for your article. My uncle has ds and so has my husband's nephew so a subject very close to our family. With my last two pregnancies we were offered a nuchal fold scan as routine because of our family history - refused with ds1 as midwife said no point unless we were considering a termination if any problems were shown up (which of course we weren't) but with ds2 had the scan just from an information point of view.

I am now pregnant in a different borough where we have to pay for a nuchal scan (but get an amnio for free!) - your article clarified that for us there really is no point having any tests outside of the routine scans as it wouldn't affect whether we proceeded with the pregnancy or not. We can put the £200 to better use and buy something for the children instead.

I am passing it on to my sil tomorrow and once again well done to you, your family and aloha. It was a thoughtful, sensitive and very touching story.

Tinker Fri 05-Mar-04 19:49:44

Showed the picture of Lottie to my daughter who went 'Ah, isn't she gorgeous'. And she is, you all are

<anyone want to swap books - couldn't find one with the Tony Parsons book on, know I won't read the other one?>

carla Fri 05-Mar-04 19:51:39

Got to read it tonight - GO ARE ALL GORGEORES!!!

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