DISPOSABLE TOILET MATS (Special Needs...serious request!)

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MrsForgetful Thu 27-Jul-06 18:06:01

are there such things???

I am so fed up of cleaning what my sons can't help doing!!!!

I have given up with 'proper' pretty fluffy mats...and at the moment leave several pieces of kitchen roll tissue (Hurrah for Bounty!)around the base of the toilet when i go to bed...as it's the 'first uncordinated wee of the day' that is the worst!!!!

Do others with ADHD/Asperger's 'older' boys have any other suggestions....as he gets taller the angle between him and the loo gets wider...and he misses far more than hits the target!!!

Yes...we've tried the 'ping pong ball'....really...what i want is 'how to deal /clean up/limit the mess'...as i think 'someone else' like a OT would possibly have more luck toilet training my 12 yr old!!!! (as he refuses to let me anywhere near him now as far as bodily functions go!)

So absorbent toilet mats please....or something i can get that i can cut to fit???? Pampers mats are too expensive...is there anything i can ask for 'on prescription' as such so i can get it free....

Yes...MrsF is back!

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coppertop Thu 27-Jul-06 18:36:18

I can't think of anything, MrsF but will bump this up for you.

Lots of sympathy though. We too have discovered the extra-absorbent qualities of Bounty when dealing with the same problem.

I suppose you could try the old-style terry-towelling and soak it in a bucket after but I'm not sure I could face washing an older child's wee tbh.

SaintGeorge Thu 27-Jul-06 18:37:40

How about kylie sheets, cut to fit around the base?

hulababy Thu 27-Jul-06 18:38:30

What about bed mat type things - you can get Pampers disposible ones (expensive though) or Mothercare do material backed ones which are a largish square - for about £15.

Davros Thu 27-Jul-06 18:39:24

I am a Bounty fan too, but have not tried laminating in yet I don't understand why urinals (nice designer ones) are not usual in homes. Gawd knows all males would manage better with one! I can't think of anything apart from plastic table cloth type material that you could cut and wipe rather than wash (ugh!). You could try good old Fledglings www.fledglings.org.uk

coppertop Thu 27-Jul-06 18:53:54

Are maternity mats a bit cheaper than Pampers-type mats? You could cut them into smaller pieces.........and velcro them in place.

SaintGeorge Thu 27-Jul-06 18:56:48

Kylie sheets are like the Pampers type mats, but machine washable. Not sure if you can get them on prescription, but they are excellent and come in various sizes.

If you bought a single bedsheet you could probably make a couple of mats for around the loo.

MrsBadger Thu 27-Jul-06 19:15:08

If you can't face washing reusable mats, try disposable bathmats meant for hotels etc from catering / hospitality wholesalers (I always seem to get them when staying in university halls for conferences).

These people do them at £45 for 500, which at one a day will last more than a year.

Or Sirane do a range of handy-looking things under 'Kitchen and Home' including a posh-sounding 'soft step' disposable bathmat at £5 for 5, or 60cm sq 'Dri Fresh' sheets at £4 for 15.

MrsForgetful Thu 27-Jul-06 21:13:32

thanks all...MrsBadger...those Dri-Fresh seem perfect.....bit like the maternity ones coppertop mentioned...exactly what i had in mind...

So i have emailed the company to check whetjer i could trim the mats (as if they are like nappies...or sanitary pads...then they could be granular inside...which would not be suitable for cutting to size!) I have also asked for a sample!!! maybe they'll send me a few!!!

Thanks again!

(ps...i was tempted by the FLOOD STOP ones they do too!!!! They absorb up to 6 litres of water!!!)

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MrsForgetful Thu 27-Jul-06 21:15:55

p.s...LOL at the VELCRO and LAMINATING ideas!!!!

(those of you who don't know me...or those who mentioned it may be puzzled at the suggestion of laminating or velcro-ing anything other than paper...but WE know the MANY uses of velcro and a laminator....every home should have one!)

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Jimjams2 Thu 27-Jul-06 22:17:16

I'd second kylies. I'm going to launch my company of kylies, they're bloody wonderful. Changed our life.

emmalou78 Fri 28-Jul-06 16:20:25


I'm guessing your references to Kylie aren't about the tiny australian popstar... unless your giogn to cut her up and put her round the loo... but wouldn't that be a bit weird

So come on, whats a kylie sheet?

coppertop Fri 28-Jul-06 18:30:53

I'm sooo glad it's not just me who had visions of Kylie's face on the floor around the toilet.

Davros Fri 28-Jul-06 22:45:29

Thanks Emmalou, I was beginning to wonder!
You could just get the men in your family to sit down, ha ha!

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 22:52:38

here they look so tiny and so unimportant, but believe me, during this "the bed is the place to do the first wee of the day" routine they have saved my sanity several times over.

Don't get too attached to this company though, I will be selling them soon

coppertop Fri 28-Jul-06 23:03:19

Just looked at the link and can't help wondering what a "nads starter pack" is!!!

"Nads" here is usually used to mean <cough> gonads....

The kylie products look good though.

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 23:05:02

I can't see a nads starter pack. Oh PMSL.

coppertop Fri 28-Jul-06 23:10:12

It's some kind of advert on there. The small print says something about being hair-free for less. OMG! The mind boggles....

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 23:16:36

I have "condomi" and "rectar dex" WTF????

misdee Fri 28-Jul-06 23:18:20

nads is an aussie hair removal product. Peter phsl when the infomercial comes on.

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 23:18:52

oh I;ve found the nads! PMSL

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 23:20:21

and I'm sorry but WTF is this?

"Natural Contours Petite
Small enough to fit in your handbag, subtle enough for you not to care if it falls out, powerful enough to make any day a great day. The Petite's ergonomic shape and three speed motor is designed for your pleasure. 4" or 10cm long. Manufacturers batteries included."

there will be no such filth on my website

misdee Fri 28-Jul-06 23:22:22


misdee Fri 28-Jul-06 23:24:00

oh jimjams, check out the ibuzz

'iBuzz takes the iPod generation into the bedroom. iBuzz is a powerful vibrating bullet that vibrates in time to your music, simply plug in your music player and wait for the crescendo. As you turn up the volume the vibrations get stronger. '

i am pmsl at this one!!!

Jimjams2 Fri 28-Jul-06 23:26:14


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