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Vision therapy

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salondon Sat 21-Dec-13 19:43:19

Does anyone have recommendations for a decent vision therapy program in london? My daughter has a severe convergent squint(cosmetic corrected) and we need to get her some excercises for her eyes regularly. She is non verbal, 4 and asd. So someone with asd experience will be helpful.

salondon Mon 23-Dec-13 15:00:29

has anyone worked with any of these therapists?

blossbloss Mon 23-Dec-13 15:35:48

We have worked with Paul Adler in St Albans for DDs tracking problems and are now starting Vision Therapy there with DS who has a divergent squint. DDs reading age went up by more than 2 years since she started there in January. It's been hard work and expensive but it's the best therapy she's done.

I don't know how local they are to you though.

blossbloss Mon 23-Dec-13 15:39:57

Sorry I should have said that although DD has ASD and ADHD she is verbal. They coped well with her behaviour though, even before she was medicated and more manageable!

salondon Mon 23-Dec-13 16:12:19

Thanks Bloss.. My daughter is non verbal and that is why I struggle to get her to do any tracking work.

mrsbaffled Mon 23-Dec-13 19:23:07

I can recommend Arkin's in Stony Stratford. Probably quite far for you to travel, though?

GreenGold Tue 24-Dec-13 10:21:22

Have you seen the Engaging Eyes website? It's vision training from home using 3d glasses. We started it a few months ago and it's helped DS's convergence and tracking issues considerably. About £70 per child. Lots about it on the Tinsley House support threads.

JsOtherHalf Tue 24-Dec-13 10:39:32

Ds has been patched for a lazy eye since he was 2. He is now 7, and although he has 3d vision, one eye is still slightly weaker. Would engaging eyes help? I don't think he has any other issues, and reads fluently.

I do not have 3d vision due to a very lazy eye, i can only see shapes and colours, would it help me?

xmasShark Fri 27-Dec-13 10:17:59

I second the Both DC did it and one doesnt have SN but tremendously helped with reading. He can now read better than DS who is much older and has SN.

salondon Fri 27-Dec-13 18:01:44

What level of cooperation is required from the child?

nostoppingme Wed 01-Jan-14 06:37:48

Not sure if my reply will help but I spoke to an expert in auditory processing problems (Tomatis method) yesterday and she explained that through the Tomatis listening therapy she got a non verbal ASD child to speak (after they had finished the phases), maybe worth for you to look into? This Dr is based in the USA but there are Tomatis centers throughout the world.

GreenGold Wed 01-Jan-14 08:30:38

With Engaging Eyes, we started it when my son was 6. Takes about 10 mins a day. Whack an alien for 3 mins (eye tracking), then 3d targets game. You have to shoot targets at different depths with 3d glasses on. I did the computer controls and DS gave instructions (up, down). Not too much complaining about doing it! Lots if motivational stars to be earned (and I gave choc buttons when he reached a new level)

Flappingandflying Wed 01-Jan-14 08:38:49

Mr Adamaly at Lawrence icare in East Grinstead is good.

salondon Mon 03-Feb-14 10:07:00

Has anyone here worked with Henry Kahan?

legosia Mon 15-Aug-16 11:14:14

Hi, my son is now 9 months and he has been diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia. Would anybody be able to recommend a good children ophthalmologist who does vision therapy. I checked Engine Eyes <> buy they treatment is for children 5+yrs.

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