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Help please! Boy with ASD primary schools in Sutton with possible ABA approach or not

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liliasha Thu 28-Nov-13 13:57:49

Hi. I am looking for a reception placement in Sep14 in the LB Sutton for my 3 year old boy, currently under paediatric assessment for ASD. I would like some feedback from any parents with a child with special needs who attends any nice primary schools. I have been and looked around the schools and got mixed feelings for most of them! I would just like a parents perspective on their experience with regard to the support their child needs, communication between parent and school and with the senco. Also in respect of the progress their child is making. This is a huge decision for us and we want to make the right one so just need the realistic advice! My son is at[SUB][/SUB] the pre-school now and we will get the statement i will try and get and ABA support down on the statement. Any info would be most appreciated.

spmwh Tue 18-Mar-14 08:54:39

There are some schools with ASD units in Sutton like Green Wrythe which has the Rainbow Department - parents have great things to say about it. It depends where you are in the borough but try contacting Parent Partnerships for info . I don't suggest Avenue even though it's a well respected school have heard bad things about the ASD support. Are you in contact with Early Years team or Portage? They are very good and should be able to recommend places.

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