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Something to stop him undoing the seatbelt! Urgent!!!

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SleepyJess Thu 13-Jul-06 22:18:21

Does such a product exist??! I have just left a panicked message on OT's answerphone but don't anticipate getting a response any time this year..

Had a nightmare this afternoon, attempting to drive through a city centre in the after school rush hour, with DS (age 6 and his SNs mean he knows how naughty he is being but you can't reason with him or make him understand how dangerous it is!) literally hanging off my neck where he's undone the seatbelt and dragged himself still attached the special car seat, forwards and jammed himself in the footwell! I had to keep pulling over in places where you can't! He thought it was hilarious even when his face was jammed between his seat and the back of the car seat and his legs were all bent up!

I was frantic. Had to phone DH in the end to calm down.. he couldn't do anything but I couldn't see how I could get home with a free-floating DS loose in the car, wearing his carseat like a tortoise wears a shell!! Sounds funny now but it wasn't...

I have been Googling for half an hour.. I'm sure I've heard of something which firmly covers the seat belt locking mechanism.. but I can't find anything appropriate.

Can any one advise? I can't have another trip like that! He usually goes to school on transport thank God.. but it was sports day this afternoon..

SJ x

whoopsfallenoveragain Thu 13-Jul-06 22:24:08

you can get something from Halfords - I did but it didn't fit my seatbelt properly and broke as it was made from plastic

fattiemumma Thu 13-Jul-06 22:24:47

i have absolutly no idea. i shall watch with great interest though as i need something like this for Ds.
he has a frightening habbit of opening the seatbelt and then trying to open his window and stick his head out.

i either have him in the back where i cant stop him getting to the window or in the front where he tries to kick the gearstick out of gear or turn the hazard on.

so i am hoping that you get some inspired repsonses as i could do with some tips too.

hairymclary Thu 13-Jul-06 22:30:07

yes there is something but can't remember where it's from, will have a search.
Does he have a car seat with a 5 point harness?

2shoes Thu 13-Jul-06 22:36:53

don't think the link will work but try this site

SleepyJess Thu 13-Jul-06 22:40:31

Yes Hairy, it's a five point harness. Thanks 2Shoes.. but I found that page.. there's not actually anything on it is there? Or am I looking with my eyes shut? It mentions locking clips but I think it means replacement normal seat belt clips.. not sure..

hairymclary Thu 13-Jul-06 22:45:31

argh, i've seen them recently and I can't for the life of me remember where, or even the name so i can google.

bear with me though, i WILL find it.

hairymclary Thu 13-Jul-06 22:48:31

ooooh i'm GOOD buckle cover

Gillian76 Thu 13-Jul-06 22:49:21

Would this be any use?

Gillian76 Thu 13-Jul-06 22:50:00

Snap, hairymaclary!

Saker Thu 13-Jul-06 22:50:11

which bit is he undoing - I think you mean the the part that holds the seat in place so it is down at the side of him in the normal position if you were strapped in as an adult?

There was a thread about seatbelt locks although for younger children on their seatbelt buckle, the other day here .

Saker Thu 13-Jul-06 22:51:36

Sorry I'm way behind - I started answering this ages ago and got diverted and in the meantime you have other responses.

Gillian76 Thu 13-Jul-06 22:51:41

this from 2shoes site.

SleepyJess Thu 13-Jul-06 22:54:32

Oh thank you both of you! And it's only a fiver (you both linked to the same product on different sites.. great minds! )

Saker no it's the actually the catch itself.. this plastic thing should stop him. Is this the one you got from Halfords Whoops? I will just have to hope he can't break it.. he is very strong but doesn't use his hands in the normal way (weak pincer grip altho that's hard to believe seeing as he such a little Houdini...!)

Gillian76 Thu 13-Jul-06 22:56:17

SJ, the one from 2shoes site looks more robust and tricky for him to figure out. There's no price though...

SleepyJess Thu 13-Jul-06 22:56:25

And that looks even better Gillian.. thanks! Can't see how much it is tho. He'd never undo that!!

2shoes Thu 13-Jul-06 22:56:25

Gillian76 thanks I was just going to link to that saved me the trouble

SleepyJess Thu 13-Jul-06 22:57:11

Thanks 2shoes.. I was obviously being thick not seeing on the page you linked to..

Gillian76 Thu 13-Jul-06 22:57:44

You could phone them.

fattiemumma Thu 13-Jul-06 22:59:54

woohoo. thanks ladies.

i have just ordered a couple (he tries to open Dd's buckle too)

hairymclary Thu 13-Jul-06 23:04:56

the only thing I don't like about the one on 2shoes' site is that it does look VERY hard to open and even an adult might struggle in an emergency if you needed to get it undone

2shoes Thu 13-Jul-06 23:06:57

thats the trouble it's got to be hard to open to serve the purpose but like you say what if you have to get them out in a hurry

hairymclary Thu 13-Jul-06 23:09:27

actually I suppose if he is in a car seat it isn't so much of a problem as you would just unstrap him and get him out. UNless for some reason you couldn't and you needed to get the whole seat out.

I wouldn't use it on a child who was only held in by a seatbelt though, iyswim?
But then I am a bit crap with those push down bottle lids, might just be me

FioFio Fri 14-Jul-06 07:39:07

Message withdrawn

FioFio Fri 14-Jul-06 07:40:06

Message withdrawn

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