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dottee Tue 24-Feb-04 12:54:51

Ds came home from his mainstream junior school yesterday with a copy of 'Primary Times' - a newsletter for what's on and stuff. There's an article about a company that does playthings and toys 'selected specifically for special needs children cammed Magic Planet

The web-site won't let me on it (think it's my server playing up)so I've telephoned for a catalogue

eidsvold Tue 24-Feb-04 18:25:37

it won't let me access it either says I am forbidden ?!?!?!

BadHair Tue 24-Feb-04 19:05:39

I think this is the same company. The Magic Planet used to be Toys for the Handicapped (can't think why they ditched that moniker), and this is all I can find on Google for them.

coppertop Tue 24-Feb-04 19:35:41

Did anyone else find "tfhuk" a badly thought-out name? I thought they were going for a "fcuk" type of name but obviously not!!!

Jimjams Tue 24-Feb-04 20:18:53

I have their latest catalogue- similar to Rompa

dottee Tue 24-Feb-04 20:23:42

Don't know whether I'm supposed to give out numbers but magic-planet has the same area code as the company Badhair's mentioned but the local number is 879 219. Hope that's not too blatant!

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