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Woo Hoo - finger feeding....

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eidsvold Sun 22-Feb-04 15:48:02

finally come success - the only thing dd used to puti n her mouth was chocolate buttons. Today we managed to give her some toast fingers and she ate some of each finger. Before she would have looked at it and thrown it straight on the floor. The first finger went in whole but the rest she took a couple of bites from them .... and managed to chew ( another big step) and swallow some of the toast..... YEH!!!!

SoupDragon Sun 22-Feb-04 15:52:56

She'll be sticking carrots up her nose in no time.

eidsvold Sun 22-Feb-04 16:32:41

thanks soupy - at the moment we are enduring raspberry blowing fests - at dinner there is food bits everywhere - up the wall, in the carpet, all over her, her dad and so on.....

coppertop Sun 22-Feb-04 17:12:03

Yippeee! You'll soon be starting a "Anyone know how to remove carrot stains from ceilings and hair?" thread!

Davros Sun 22-Feb-04 18:04:16

Great news Eidsvold!

Jimjams Sun 22-Feb-04 18:39:35

lou33 Sun 22-Feb-04 18:41:03

That's lovely Eidsvold .

eidsvold Sun 22-Feb-04 20:03:10

oh coppertop don't say that - I am having to scrub some from wallpaper... would be all right if it was our house but we are renting at the moment before we go back to Aus...

Eulalia Sun 22-Feb-04 22:20:33

Great news eidsvold

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