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Go GP? Or wait for an appointment? Hips/ muscles etc.

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NoFucker Wed 23-Oct-13 22:23:18

My DD was referred to and has seen a consultant for stiffness, last time she was 7 months and was 'displaying rigidity in arms and developmentally delayed in motor skills'. No diagnosis was mooted, though a (normal) mri was done.

She's made great progress, started sitting at 9 months and is much looser. Her arms have a normal range of motion, previously her hands couldn't go above her shoulders. She is only reactively stiff now, I don't know what that means for her but she seems to move freely herself but she reacts by stiffening. For example she claps her hands, but it is nearly impossible to clap her hands for her. You could lift her by her forearms and she would keep her arms bent, none of my other kids could do that.

On a side issue though I'm becoming worried about her hips. There were checked at her 6 week check, but I'd still like another check. If supported in standing she's not straight at all, whereas my others where both upright she stands with her bum out and her belly out with a huge curve in her back. When she sits her legs are in an odd position, heels to her groin and rotated out so her knees are flat on the floor (she cannot sit with her legs in front or toes pointing up). Also the creases at her groin aren't even, from the front and back. It could be nothing, but I want it checked.

She's 11 months. There's no crawling or movement to watch. Is it best to go to my GP now, or wait to see her consultant and mention it as her next appointment is only at the end of November.

Thank you for reading my waffle!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 24-Oct-13 08:38:51

I doubt your gp could do much other than offer some reassurance smile if she's already under consultant care but if you are particularly worried you'd probably be better off calling the consultants secretary and trying to bring the next appointment forward, they may have a cancellation you could take. Do you get physio at all, this might be related her to muscle tone issues?

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