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WRAT-4 implications

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Eastyone Wed 23-Oct-13 15:49:06


Having a few problems with my daughters school, she is/was on SAP for for problems with delayed comprehension skills. She is now Yr9 at secondary and as a parent I know she still struggles.
The school want to take her off the register and are saying this is because her grades are fine (they are for Maths & science, but she struggles with English and History - her levels in these and some other subjects are 5c/b) .
Also I think I've made a rod for my own back by providing additional home work help and often going over the work with her to make sure she understands it - I've told the school this.
Daughter doesn't have an IEP as the school don't do them and have said that the WRAT-4 test she completed in Yr7 shows she doesn't need any additional help - so I've now asked for these results as it wasn't adding up - this is what they've sent

Word reading raw score 49 per level average %ile rank 55
Sentence comprehension raw score 47 level superior %ile rank 97
spelling raw score 33 per level average %ile rank 37
Maths com raw score 35 per level average %ile rank 42

Do these look ok - I'm fine with them except the sentence comprehension which doesn't seem right (she would have been 13yrs 2 months when these were done)
Thanks for any help or suggestions - I've asked them to repeat the test and they insist it's correct


Eastyone Wed 23-Oct-13 16:45:36

Transferred this to SEN education

Peacocklady Thu 24-Oct-13 21:23:04

According to those results your dd is about average (50th centile is average) on all the tests apart from sentence comprehension which shows her to be in the top 3% of the country for her age. This as you say is surprising considering thisis where her difficulties lie.
Could they have quoted her standard score instead? 97 as standard score is about 49th centile in which case she would still be coming in average. As you have the raw score can you ask someone to double check her raw score against her age in the manual to find the standard score and centile again? It's very easy to score these things wrong.

Eastyone Fri 01-Nov-13 18:49:37

This is also posted in SEN education
Peacocklady Thanks this is really helpful and I will suggest this to the school - at the moment they will not repeat the WRAT-4 but if it's a case of checking results they can't really refuse

I've also dug out and posted (in sen education) the following which might give a further insite - I also asked the Ed Psy if she thought this 'superior' WRAT -4 comprehension score was likely and she said it was unlikely but I guess she didn't want to go against the schools results

Just to carry on with this - some great ideas with regard to measuring her handwriting speed as this has never been done and is a major problem along with legibility
She has had some other test's done by the Ed Psy I wondered if these have a significance as these seem to be a much better fit for the problems she is having (age at test 13 exactly)
Verbal comp 19th %ile comp score 87 Confid 81-95
Perceptual reasoning 34th %ile score94 confi 87-102
Working mem 18th %ile score 86 confi 79-95
Process speed index 13th %ile score 83 confi 76-94
Full scale 14th %ile score 84 confi 80-89

Reading comp 45th %ile score 98 age 11 4/12
Pseudoword decoding 25th %ile score 90 age 11
Listening comp 47th %ile score 99 age 12

Are these grounds to have the WRAT-4 repeated as this 'superior score' is all they seem to quote and they refuse to do an IEP even though suggested by Ed Psy

Thanks for your ongoing help

MariaNoMoreLurking Sat 02-Nov-13 14:13:56

If a dc gets a score which is a huge surprise, and doesn't fit with a)previous tests and b)real life, it is unlikely to be valid.

Possibilities (in descending order)
1) Error made when scoring test
2) Error in how your dd did the test, such as having too much time/help
3) Genuine high score, but due to other skill (eg fantastic rote memory)
4) Previously undiscovered area of strength
5) She guessed, and got lucky ("monkey typing poetry" phenomenon)

MariaNoMoreLurking Sat 02-Nov-13 14:15:05

As a first step, I'd ask for the test to be repeated (much easier to accuse 'chance' and request repeat testing, than to have someone specific admit they don't know how to add up a test score)

Eastyone Sat 02-Nov-13 16:20:49

Thank you I do feel I have the confidence to tackle them now -but it was initially the SENCO insisting there wasn't any mistake and now the head backing her up - so much for listening to parents!

Peacocklady Wed 13-Nov-13 21:37:19

I can look the WRAT4 score up for you but you said she was in year 7 when she had the test done but also say she was 13y 2m. y7 kids are 11-12 so can you just check the details?

Eastyone Thu 21-Nov-13 16:04:00

Thank you Peacocklady if you're still around - you are right that she was 11-12 when the test was done. I calculated the age from the date of the report (it has been put in with the other tests) not remembering that the school completed the test in year 7 as DD would be 12 at beginning of school year (birthday mid sept) and the email with the result was received mid November she would have been between 12 - 12 2/12

Hope this makes sense

Eastyone Thu 28-Nov-13 16:50:48

School have now sent what I think must be the standardised scores for the first test
age 12 12 2/12 wrat reading 102 comprehension 128 spelling 95 maths 97

and have now repeated the test giving just these results
age 14 3/12 wrat reading 104 comprehension 93 spelling 99 maths 92

The 2nd set are what I would have expected but they've given no explanation as to the superior result for comprehension

Nigel1 Thu 28-Nov-13 17:25:18

The WRAT and the IQ /WISC IV scores are hugely discrepant. I wonder if the school is miss scoring the WRAT scores.
If they are using the WRAT scores from Y7 and she is now in Y9 why were they supplying extra help?. Something not quite right here me thinks.

Eastyone Thu 28-Nov-13 17:32:52

Yes I think because I have complained and asked for the standardised scores they have 'perhaps' fudged the data
They were supplying extra help as she is/was on SA+ for delayed comprehension skills from primary - shall I go back to the Ed Psy? Don't even know if I can do this as they ineffect work for/ with the school
School insist no problems as teachers don't note any problems in class but she's pretty quiet and would easily go under the radar

Nigel1 Mon 02-Dec-13 23:24:23

You need to get the points clarified for your own peace of mind. The EP can easily check the scores against the original score sheet.

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