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May be moving to either Gloucestershire, Somerset or that sort of area. Can anyone there give me advice on the SEN set up

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BuntCadger Wed 23-Oct-13 14:05:43

Hi we've had some great news in that dh may be working from home. This gives us the opportunity to move to larger house ad hopefully somewhere rural. The considerations are mainly in terms of kids schooling and support networks.

Eldest is in year 9 so we are realistically looking at process taking a couple of years and gcse etc to be done.

Our ds2 is in year 1 but not full time and i flexi school and awaiting the statutory assessment with view to statement. He in ms, dx HFA and SPD. Where we live is right under flight path and that causes issues for him.

Dd is 2 so not in school and won't be for 3 years.

Dc4 due in new year.

On top of all this we are meant to be extending into loft for extra bedroom and bathroom.

The current support here for ds2 been fab, he has a very good paed who dx him, the school have been really good and ed psych and SENCO involved. OT recently done full sensory profile and writing up report. So we are lucky to have all the support here. But we really want a house in the middle of nowhere x

wetaugust Wed 23-Oct-13 16:43:41

Avoid Bristol and avoid South Gloucestershire. I'd say Wiltshire is one to avoid too.

Somerset may be OK and has the benefit of specialist indie ASD provision in the Frome area (should you need it).

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