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possible discount on water rates

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Graciefer Sat 01-Jul-06 22:48:08

I'm not sure if this will help anyone out but it is certainly something i never knew and wish i had a long time ago.......

I have a water meter and frankly the bills have been really taking their toll on us(over £100 per month).

so i bit the bullet and rang the water board and was thrilled to find out that if you have a child/adult with a disability you qualify to be on the social tarrif which caps your bill at £449 per year regardless of how much water you use.
They are sending out forms and there are stipulations about qualifying but she said that if you get childrens tax credits then you should be fine.

I'm not sure if they do this in your area's but if you are on a water meter then get on to your water board and find out!!

2shoes Sun 02-Jul-06 18:00:30

i will be ring them tomorrow thanks for the tip

essbee Sun 02-Jul-06 18:55:45

Message withdrawn

Graciefer Mon 03-Jul-06 17:03:53

You're very welcome

WellKnownMemorablePeachyClair Mon 03-Jul-06 18:01:17

Thank you for this- only got 'disability rating' today but will act!

2shoes Mon 03-Jul-06 18:05:04

rang today and was told no cp doesn't count towards it,.

Graciefer Mon 03-Jul-06 21:08:58

CP dosen't count WTF

do you get DLA??

i would ring again and speak to someone else and tell them the extra washing and bathing you have to do ETC

2shoes Mon 03-Jul-06 21:27:37

i got this dipstick who was reading from a list. i am going to check out there web site

Graciefer Mon 03-Jul-06 21:49:05

at south west water they put in a request to a separate dept and they send out forms.

i would jut say you cant possibly have every disability on the list so send me out the forms and then if i get turned down when i have sent them in then so be it.

Graciefer Mon 03-Jul-06 22:03:48

Does someone living in your house have one of the
following medical conditions?
Desquamation (flaky skin disease)
Weeping skin disease (eg eczema, psoriasis)
Abdominal stomas
Crohn’s disease
Ulcerative colitis
Kidney failure requiring home dialysis
*Any other medical condition*

this is the list they supply on the south west water site

Graciefer Mon 03-Jul-06 22:04:37

next question is

Does this condition mean
that this person has to use a
significant amount of extra

2shoes Thu 06-Jul-06 14:27:50

turns out we might get it after all. emailed them and a lady phoned today. she knew her stuff seems if we get child tax credit and can get a letter from doc we should get it capped which then will only pay £26 per month(half what we are paying at the mo)

MABS Thu 06-Jul-06 14:29:09

this is v interesting,thanks

2shoes Mon 17-Jul-06 15:33:38

ours have been capped.
so instead of paying £58 a moth it is now £27.50 missing July and august
thank you Graciefer

2shoes Mon 17-Jul-06 21:22:31

bumping cos want people to get this

cece Mon 17-Jul-06 21:25:26

Is this for disabled adults, for instance someone with Parkinsons?

2shoes Mon 17-Jul-06 21:48:39

yes but dd is 11 and has cp if you see my previous post when I first phone I was told no. but tried again via the web and got called by a lady who knew more.
they send you a form which has a list of disabilities on it. cp wasn't bu incontinece was. also my gp wrote a brill letter.

cece Mon 17-Jul-06 21:53:24

oh right will check out the website

Graciefer Tue 02-Oct-07 19:31:52

can I just bump this or do I have to Repost it??


Mum2boys3 Tue 09-Oct-07 11:36:43

thankyou so much im ringing them now and the are sending out forms

Charlee Tue 09-Oct-07 11:39:56

Does it only apply for people with water meters - i just pay southern water each monht, we don't have a meter.

needmorecoffee Tue 09-Oct-07 18:34:29

Doeesn't everyone get CTC unless they are on over 50 grand a year?
I think we're with Bristol water. I'll call them and see. Mind you, we don't have a mter.

Mum2boys3 Wed 10-Oct-07 16:22:04

i dont have a meter but pay via a card at paypoint every week it dose notmatter i think

totalyfreaky Wed 10-Oct-07 16:25:16

Did you know seven trent offer a trust fund, if you are behind with your water bill, and you have a good reason your arrears can be wiped off.

totalyfreaky Wed 10-Oct-07 16:48:00

Have just applied for an appointment to have a meter put in, when thats done, I will inform them ds is incontinebtsmile thanks for the info.

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