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Statement - can you challenge the number of hours?

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LilTreacle Thu 12-Sep-13 14:59:07

Great thanks.......I'll get the new school to provide their input when we finally get it.

Ixashe Thu 12-Sep-13 10:18:32

You can't challenge anything until you get your draft statement. This will list the number of hours given and include copies of all the reports obtained. You can contest the number of hours, I successfully did this with both my children. SOS:SEN has a good guide on how to check a statement, but the best people to advise you will be the new school because they can explain exactly why they need the extra hours and this will be the argument for you to take to the LA. The covering letter with the draft statement will tell you how to challenge it.

LilTreacle Thu 12-Sep-13 01:17:43

Got word that the statement we will get will be 17 hours. DS being assessed for ASD, ADHD, SPD.

DS been with new school a week and they have expressed consern that , based on what they have seen, 25 hours is more appropriate and they would struggle with 17 hours if ds ability to cope does not significantly improve.

We do expect DS behaviour to improve once he is settled, but no idea how much it will improve as environment is very different to last school......we felt much better set up to help him, but sheer size and number of children is currently overwhelming.

So, draft statement...can we challenge the hours allocated or just the how the hours are provided?
Should point out we have not seen what school and EP provided as evidence to know why 17 hours was considered appropriate.

Thanks for your advice

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