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education do we have any options ?

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thriftychic Tue 10-Sep-13 23:41:34

ds2 is 14 , diagnosed asd . doeant fit the typical bill for ASD really but he absolutely HATES school , not because he has sensory issues or dislikes changing class or anything like that but because he just doesnt want to sit and learn . He wants to be doing stuff he enjoys like fishing or computer games ALL THE TIME and anything that stops that happening makes him big time miserable . He just never gets that life is full of things we like and dislike and we have to just get on .
during the summer holidays he was so much better because dh had loads of time off work and took him fishing and ashamedly i left him to use the computer almost freely other days which meant he was on it loads and loads . The difference in his happiness , the lack of meltdowns and the loving nature towards me which i havent seen in a very long time was great. i felt was almost getting my boy back.
previously life was fraught with bad moods , bad attitudes , a real hatred for me (takes everything out on me ) and awful scary , violent meltdowns .
now school has started again and things are going down the pan . ive had the old , 'what is the point in life if i have to sit in a classroom and do stuff i dont want to do every single day ' the rudeness and the misery are back .
i gave some thought to home schooling but realised that he would then just hate being at home and i would probably never get him to learn anything . we had a few months once when he was changing schools and was massively stressed and it didnt work at all .
is there just no answer to this ? because sometimes its so bad that i feel like just letting him do what he likes for all our sakes . we have been to hell and back with his behaviour and his aggression.
camhs wont give him anymore appointments until he is willing to engage which could be never , they are planning to hold a meeting at school to see if things at school could be made less stressy for him but in all honesty i dont think he'll be happy unless he can just not go at all .
its awful seeing him so miserable and i keep telling him that school is for his own good but ive had 3 awful years of school misery at least and i dont want to face the next 2.

thanks for reading, any suggestions welcome

thriftychic Thu 12-Sep-13 12:40:03

thankyou so much , sorry if this sounds thick , but is it in theory then , legal to de register from school and take a fishery studies course instead ? would he not have to still do maths , english etc ?
off to have a proper look and read

claw2 Thu 12-Sep-13 16:48:11

This might be helpful.

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