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Constantly chewing hands&fingers,HELP!!

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chickensaresafehere Thu 29-Aug-13 16:33:04

Dd2 has a rare form of CP (Worster Drought Syndrome),she is 6.
In the last 4 weeks she has started to chew her hands&fingers,this has got increasingly worse,in that,she is now doing it all the time hmm
She has never had any sensory issues before,but then I wonder if she could be teething(very orally defensive,so difficult to tell)??

chickensaresafehere Wed 11-Sep-13 17:50:46


PolterGoose Wed 11-Sep-13 18:04:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

imawigglyworm Wed 11-Sep-13 22:16:30

my Ds's both chew one has PICA (eating non food items) he will chew toys, clothes, etc. where as my youngest DS chews everything including his hands clothes, etc. Everything ends up covered in dribble.
we buy chewy tubes usually from amazon or ebay and attach them with a dummy clip this gives him an alternative to chew on as at one point his was making sores on his hands. sad

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