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DIY Talk tools

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salondon Thu 29-Aug-13 12:39:24


Do you think its possible to do the talk tools program yourself? We dont have the ££ to involve a talk tools SALT at the moment. Our daughter is non verbal and she is trying to copy sounds now. We can however see she is struggling with some sounds. Before embarking upon an expensive SALT program (on top of the Vb/ABA), I am wondering if getting their manuals and buying their kit is cheaper in the long run?


moondog Thu 29-Aug-13 15:34:54

Talk to Risca at Skybound Therapies and ask her opinion (tell her I directed you from Mumsnet. She knows who I am!)
She is one of the few people trained to use them in the UK and will give you an honest answer.

salondon Thu 29-Aug-13 15:46:20

Thanks.. Done.

I know a few families who have worked with Risca.

SingySongy Thu 29-Aug-13 15:57:47

There's an online training you can do. Quite expensive, but would be much cheaper than a therapist. Would also give you an idea of whether you thought it would be feasible. It's effectively a two day training course, which you can have access to for 60 days.

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