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Concerns about DD2 - mention to school nurse or not??

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popgoestheweezel Wed 28-Aug-13 23:02:00

You could just put on the forms that sister has adhd and poss asd. Dd2 also presents with some similar behaviour. I would also, out of courtesy, run it by the teacher. After only two weeks she won't really know your dd yet but you can let her know of dd1's dx and say you see similar traits in dd2 and that you just wanted to let her know so she had the background to the situation. Teacher will then be in good position to comment on any behaviours she sees when/if paed/psych asks for her opinion. ASD & ADHD are very heritable so there is a good chance that these are not copied behaviours but 'real'.

2boysnamedR Wed 28-Aug-13 22:46:00

I think maybe start with the gp again? Or can the school nurse refer to peadiatrition? I'd say if your worried then its worth pursuing. It is hard some times to see things clearly as I'm sure my eldest has lots of asd traits but they don't hold him back. If it was worrying me I would get him checked out, but as my middle son has dyspraxia I really can't say what 'normal' is any more.

If your worried then yes I would talk to a health professional

kinkyfuckery Wed 28-Aug-13 22:33:07

Background - DD1 (8) has diagnosed ADHD and is currently medicated. Had ADOS assessment a couple of months ago and we were told she would 'definitely receive ASD diagnosis' but they want to reassess her when her meds are more stable to see what we are working with.

So... DD2 started P1 a couple of weeks ago. Today she came home with the standard forms from the school nurse, checking any relevant information, giving consent etc, and asking if there are any physical or behavioural concerns.

Yes, I have concerns about her behaviour. She demonstrates so many behaviours that I believe are symptomatic of ASD. I have been worried about these for well over a year (she is 5).

Do I mention this on the forms, or approach it a different way? DD1 was kind of self-referral - after years of to-ing and fro-ing at the GP, then support from the schools' Family and School support team, before they recommended I contacted GP and asked for referral to CAMHS (So I guess it was kind of GP referral, but at my insistence if that makes sense?) Do I speak to someone from DD1's MH team? Do I make appointment at school and discuss it with her teacher?

Or is my experience with DD1 likely to be affecting my judgement in some way?

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