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A little reassurance please

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homework Wed 28-Aug-13 06:47:09

My son has special educational needs , and was year retained at his secondary school . The other children where unaware of this factor . So he just finished year 8. With good support from his learning mentor managed to achieve his megs ( predicted grades) in most subjects not art or pe but everything else . He's had a very bad year in respects of bullying and was physically assaulted by another child . Has been very stressed since this and having support from camhs which up to now hasn't been very good or helpful really.
Yesterday we went round to look at new school that's opening up , with intention of going back to his old school for further year and doing year nine , they start there gcse in this year . Or looking at for sixth form when time comes , was very impressed and so was my son . We where taken round by deputy head teacher , who answered all our questions , it starts from year ten , which is where he would be with his peer group as such.
We left and went for a drink to discuss what we thought . They have a place available for him to start , which he knew he could , he then drops this bomb shell with he like to go now , he's had enough of the persistent tormenting that has been happening in his other school.
We go back and speak with head and deputy head , there happy to have him , are aware that he's statemented and struggles with getting work down on paper , does things in his head so much easier and has had a scribe and extra time in exams up till now . That he will need additional support to maintain the pace of work set.
He starts next week and I'm now really worried . Please tell me I've done the right thing , there is only going to be sixty kids in year ten to start with so small classes , they promised extra support and to take his statement and reports in on Friday to review . Told his old learning mentor by email who is sorry to hear he's leaving .
With it being brand new they will be out to prove themselves , so feel that they will do there best to help him achieve . Kids coming are from whole of merseyside not just local, and school days from 9 till 5 .
Please tell me I've done the right thing , this has gotten very long now . Need lots of reassurance .

magso Wed 28-Aug-13 09:37:55

It sounds as if your son wants a fresh start and as the school is new all the other children will be starting anew too, so will be looking for new friendships. As the school is brand new there are likely to be some teething problems but also willingness to adapt and respond. You may need to keep a close eye to ensure your son gets the support he needs.

magso Wed 04-Sep-13 23:53:40

How is it going homework?

homework Thu 05-Sep-13 07:43:42

New school has been great , he struggled yesterday with the fitting in and social side felt girls where being too nosey .
This may be due to the bullying he's suffered in past as another mum from here told me , he still needs to come down from state of hyper anxiety that he's had himself in to cope with last few years at secondary .
Not to push him , told him that if he doesn't want to talk about himself ask them question as most girls , when nervous will not shut up . That way he's being social but not having to talk himself.
There just doing testing and team building skill and things like that for next couple of weeks . Going to watch film with him tomorrow and see if he can recognise how people are being social , sure he can , just think he finds it hard to do himself.
Thank you so much for asking .

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