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Proposed statement Part 3 please crit it/shoot it down objective 5

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kafkesque Wed 28-Aug-13 02:47:16

Sorry long - I only have 15 days to respond. written by Herts thank-you

5.To develop Ds’s social interaction and communication skills so he can express his feelings appropriately, interact and develop relationships with peers and adults.
a)The class teacher will plan regular, daily adult- supported activities for DS to practise and generalise social skills, such as sharing, turn taking and waiting. These activities will be incorporated flexibly into the school day, but for at least 15 minutes a day, for example during group learning activities (eg passing a pencil, asking for a ruler, looking at someone else’s work etc), as well as setting up particular games to focus on targeted social communication skills (eg. Eye contact, personal space, turn taking etc).
b)All adults working with DS will model simple responses or ways to initiate an interaction. They will encourage and support DS’s peers to interact with him and overcome communication difficulties, eg. Asking to see what he is doing, giving him time to answer, offering words he can use to respond with.
c)The teaching staff will use social stories as required to explain (particularly new) social situations and the expected behaviour. (Social stories need to be read daily and just prior to the event at first, with gradual reduction and occasional reminders, as DS appears to be learning what is to be expected). This will be facilitated by a named adult as part of class routines.
d)The SENCO will ensure DS has access to adult support at break times and lunchtimes to facilitate his interactions with his peers. However, he may wish to spend time alone on an activity of his choice. This will be facilitated by a named adult as part of class routines.

Ilisten2theradio Wed 28-Aug-13 15:05:32

d) - what is access to? - How will he be able to access it if he is in trouble? will he be in a fit state to? - perhaps subsitute for "Adult support will be provided..."
c) who will write the social stories? are they qualified to do so? - They are useless if not done properly.

kafkesque Thu 29-Aug-13 22:17:25

There is no link in Part 2 with his sensory problems and other difficulties he is having. I believe his sensory problems are a direct cause which the LEA seem to have overlooked. Part 2 describes him as being very distressed in certain occasions which they have not added 2+2 together?

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