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proposed statement - end missed off?!! 1/2 a part 3 no part 5 or 6!

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Igottaproblem Wed 28-Aug-13 00:20:06

We were told it was going to be posted second class today - but was surprised to find it had been posted out last week and arrived today.

The oddest thing is that it looks as though the last couple of pages haven't been attached.
It has part 1, part 2 (outlining the needs) then part 3 - which outlines vaguely how the needs are to be met, but then just stops - says nothing about how, or specifics of hours/by whom etc
then there's a part 4 form in the pack
no part 5 or 6

they've included photocopies of all the reports submitted

I'm going to ring the LA tomorrow to see if they just forgot to attach the last 2 pages
and if not call ipsea as they are being way too vague

if anyone is up still, does that sound like there's a page missing to you especially if part 5 and 6 aren't there ?

kafkesque Wed 28-Aug-13 02:12:27

yes it definitely sounds as if they have missed a page or two.

we have our part 5 and 6

In our pack we have page 9 of 9 etc printed at the bottom right hand corner.

We had two vital enclosures missing off our pack and phoned and will be posted out first class.

Are you going to appeal the vagueness of it all? I want to appeal that they have not followed independent reports advice.

Igottaproblem Wed 28-Aug-13 07:43:09

Going to call today and find out if there are missing pages
As it stands will need appealing
Hoping the missing pages contain the specifics tho!

Igottaproblem Wed 28-Aug-13 15:37:09

Got the missing pages - rang them and they were left off - but even with them actually the whole thing is very vague : "opportunities to experience" , "support to develop", "approaches that help"
Nothing quantified
No funding given - states school to meet it all through own SEN budget

Will contact some of the advice lines as to what next steps are

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 28-Aug-13 21:36:13

Yes. Best to contact a help line about the specifics.
Sounds dire. But sounds like you know what you are doing, or at least where to start.

How unprofessional and appalling though that they could send you such an crap missing-page document. This is your child's future and life. It makes me so cross at their obvious lack of care.

Igottaproblem Wed 28-Aug-13 22:14:31

Thanks Starlight.

I called ipsea who were really helpful (rang on the dot of the phoneline opening)
There is much more useful info on the website than I realised - under "What you need to know" there are significant legal cases similar to this, where it backs up the fact that everything in part 3 needs to be specific and quantifiable
So just working my way through all that information now
And going through the reports to identify needs then going through the statement to see which needs have been missed/not met in a specific or quantifiable way

Igottaproblem Wed 28-Aug-13 22:30:38

Kafka i found case 22 on here really useful for appealing against vagueness
case 25 might be useful to you if you appealing against advice you already have not being followed

kafkesque Thu 29-Aug-13 22:27:15

Thank-you Igottaproblem I will appeal against the poor SALT provision anyway (objective 2) as well as vagueness,

kafkesque Sun 01-Sep-13 23:35:12

Igottaproblem are you there yet with your "disagree proposed" letter?

I will definitely be posting mine within the time allocated.

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