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twiggy123 Tue 27-Aug-13 21:06:05

Hi I'm new to posting on here but have been reading threads for a while. We have just started the process of seeing a community paediatrician with regards to my 9 year old sons behaviour. Very inconsistent behaviour with concentration and impulsive behaviour at school and home since nursery. I'm constantly thinking its my parenting etc and have cancelled lots of gp appts etc before thinking we cant carry on anymore.
I'm very confused daily with his behaviour as it is like a switch and can go from calm to moody/anger throwing things spitting and swearing. He seems so unhappy most of the time and gets uptight constantly. He is anxious and becomes fixated on things. He ticks most of adhd symptom criteria and some HFA. I'm sorry to ask questions about your own children but am desperate. If you have a child with aspergers can they make friends? My son is social and made friends easily on holiday. But I notice little things in his face if things arent going his own way. He can be unkind to his close friends (at school) by teasing calling them names etc. He is very kind to younger children. He has very limited tolerance for his younger sibling.
Im sorry for a jumbled post and could go on about other behaviours. He is not hyperactive but sometimes fidgits other times not. Homework is a horrid battle.
Thanks so much for reading

PolterGoose Tue 27-Aug-13 21:33:22

Hi Twig my ds has Aspergers and sensory processing disorder, the SPD can make him very fidgety and can cause what can appear to be attention problems, for him they're not and he mostly just looks like he's not concentrating when he is. He has made some good friends at school, but has also been awful to them, there is only one friend he sees out of school but he seems happy with that. He's much more popular with the other children than he realises, but his understanding of social and friendship stuff is very delayed and he takes umbrage easily! He gets on better with older children and adults.

Homework is a nightmare for us too, ds refuses to complete a reading diary as he says it is none of the teachers business what he reads at home and we have many term time meltdowns as a result of homework.

Ds got his dx at 6 and is 10 now so we've learned a lot.

twiggy123 Tue 27-Aug-13 21:49:09

Hi Thankyou for responding :-)
The friendship sounds very familiar. My son often gets very moody at home about people and friends. Used to be class clown in class but changed school and is very quiet there and moody when I pick him up. School have noticed he can be obssessed about things. Before going on holiday he couldnt comb his hair into the right way and then we had 1.5 hours of swearing meltdown. All anxieties about holiday. My son will say he couldnt care less about homework and will tell teacher to shut up. He will do none of this but always seems so highly strung about everything. If someone is parked wonky or driving silly he will moan and moan in the car and seem so annoyed about it. I suppose it upsets me to see him so cross and sad. There does seem to be an element of control though in some of his anger tantrums. Paed has arranged an ADHD nurse school observation and wants senco to arrandg ed psych assessment as he cannot process information and is very behind in maths. Long process and doesnt help when we have 2 good days in a row and I start thinking there is nothing wrong followed by an awful day. Thanks again for answering earlier. Take care.

PolterGoose Tue 27-Aug-13 21:58:30

Glad it helped, just knowing you're not alone makes a big difference I think smile

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