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Proposed statement Part 3 please crit it/shoot it down objective 4

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kafkesque Tue 27-Aug-13 20:54:26

Sorry long - I only have 15 days to respond. written by Herts thank-you

4.To develop Ds?s literacy and numeracy skills so he can achieve his full academic potential within the broad average range.
a)The class teacher will ensure DS follows a structured early learning numeracy programme with an emphasis on developing conceptual understanding and language/vocabulary related to numeracy (eg. ?morethan?/?smaller than?). The programme will incorporate developing skills of classification, ordering and sequencing. This will be facilitated by a named adult as part of class routines.
b)All adults working with DS will employ a multisensory experiential approach to learning such concepts with a wide variety of visual and practical materials/activities. This will be implemented across the curriculum.
c)The class teacher will ensure DS follows a structured literacy programme combining phonics and whole ?word approaches, including reading for comprehension/meaning. This will be facilitated by a named adult as part of class routines.
d)All adults working with DS will continue to use favourite books and differentiated activities to incorporate his interests.
e)The class teacher will plan repetition (overlearning) to consolidate new learning for DS as well as the strategies and provision detailed above under objective 3 for general learning and cognitive development. This will be implemented across the curriculum as part of class routines.
f)The class teacher will review and monitor DS?s progress with the above programmes on a termly basis and adjust them as necessary.

kafkesque Wed 28-Aug-13 17:50:05

Should I insist on staff from proper post-graduate qualified teachers/therapists or qualified to a certain level not just named adults.

These sentences also look unenforceable.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 29-Aug-13 09:32:23


Btw, I understand why you did it, but it's a blimmin headache replying to lots of different posts grin.

As Attilla said, you need to appeal this statement on the grounds that it is not quantified or specified. It's rubbish. It's meaningless and quite frankly the words are an insult to the paper they are written on.

Write to the LA. tell them the statement is wholly inadequate and doesn't fulfil the legal requirement to be quantified and specified, nor does in include the independent reports. Say you expect this admin error to be adresses and you await their 'proper statement'. In the meantime, download the appeal forms and begin work on the appeal, gathering your reports and making your case. Book an EP for 5 months time as well as other relevant professionals, ie SALT, OT if necessary (you can cancel them if not needed later)..

When second proposed statement arrives, request finalised version for purpose of appeal, and then send of appeal forms the day it arrives.

claw2 Thu 29-Aug-13 09:53:27

When I received the draft statement I found it very confusing, simply because I wasn't expecting to get that far. I hadn't thought that far ahead or prepared, I was dealing with the here and now. I had never even seen a statement before, let alone how one should be written (a good one)

I sat down, with copies of all recent reports. I looked to see if all needs listed in those reports were on the statement in part 2.

I then l looked to see if all recommendations listed in those reports were included in part 3.

If all you have are NHS/LA reports, part 3 will not be quantified or specified, it will just be all 'access to' 'continued support' 'a level of' etc as this is what is written in those reports.

However as Star and others have said it has to be quantified and specified and this is what you want the LA to do and your grounds for appeal if they don't.

You then book your indi experts, OT, SALT, EP etc, etc to do assessments in case the LA do not agree to quantify etc and you have to appeal. Indi experts will quantify and specify in their reports.

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