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eidsvold Tue 10-Feb-04 19:30:46

dd's nursery had their Ofsted inspection last week and they commented on how vocal dd was and how she 'certainly lets people know she is there'

not quite sure how to take that - although friends of mine laugh and then ask if the inspector met me but I then began to wonder what the inspector thought dd should be doing - in the corner like a mute?!?!?!

fio2 Tue 10-Feb-04 20:39:24

I thought ofsted was suposed to comment on how the nursery was as whole not pick out certain children to say what or not they are doing? I mean just because your dd has ds why should she be singled out as being vocal? (or am i being pedantic again?) glad your dd is sooo vocal eidvold, he!he!

eidsvold Wed 11-Feb-04 19:02:47

no I agree - thought it was rather a strange comment to make.

eidsvold Wed 18-Feb-04 21:12:47

I did some more reasearch into this little episode... put dd in nursery today so I could get on with some marking...

apparently the inspector was so taken with dd and spent a fair bit of time ' chatting ' and interacting with her....

mmm it is telling to when her nursery worker comments that it has been a little quite without her there this week ( half term for me ) So I do have a little vocal miss...

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