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I believe I now have 'evidence' that CP was falsely raised against me. Do I stay and fight, or move and fight?

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miemohrs Tue 30-Jul-13 11:19:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lougle Fri 02-Aug-13 12:24:08

So what do you think you're going to do?

I'm sure you're frustrated with us. Perhaps you feel let down, because we can't see why you would stay.

Have you considered seeing a counsellor to go through the issues you are facing? I'm not talking about counselling for you and your DH regarding your relationship. I'm talking about counselling regarding your DS.

Have you stepped back and tried to objectively look at whether any of the professionals you see have got a point? I don't think it's as simple as 'either they're right or you are.' It is quite possible to have a mixed presentation, where there are some small issues or even moderate ones, made worse by environment.

zzzzz Fri 02-Aug-13 14:29:41

What have you done/what are you doing about this.

"He has been spat at, called names, had property taken at school. He wont say at school (well he tries but is told to 'stop telling tales'). He comes home and tells us. School say we are making it up."

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