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Please help me deal with DS manipulation.

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youarewinning Fri 26-Jul-13 21:17:13

Hi all, my DS (8.11) is becoming more and more manipulative in his behaviours (for want of a better word). He has been referred to Camhs and it's suspected he has some kind of ASD (AS or HFA).

His behaviour is generally good but he can manipulate things to get what he wants. I first thought this showed he couldn't have ASD but after a quick google see this isn't uncommon in children with this dx. It does say it's because they are anxious and need to control their world - which is DS to a T.

It also says about using direct questions but I have no idea what this means and there appears to be a lack of advice on how to deal with this. He does do the slight change in conversation to lead it towards what he wants - not bad for a child who cannot open or sustain a conversation. grin

I am using the "when you have (we have) done X, then we/ you can do Y" but then he doesn't want to do Y argggggggggggggg.

At times I feel like I'm living with Sheldon Cooper for those who watch TBBT and the next 6 weeks are gonna be lloooooonnnggggg!

Please help - any advice welcome.

claw2 Wed 31-Jul-13 23:58:44

Ds also speaks very loudly when relaxed and i have to remind him to turn the volume down and very quietly and mumbles when anxious and I have to remind him to speak up and complete silence when overwhelmed!

Im off to bed, I wont be around for a couple of weeks, have lots of things planned, its been lovely chatting and I hope you have a great day tomorrow smile

youarewinning Thu 01-Aug-13 00:17:56

Thanks. Enjoy your couple of weeks out and about.

Your help and advice has been invaluable - thanks again

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