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Should I push for a diagnosis? Through GP or school?

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MrsTedMosby Tue 16-Jul-13 21:49:20

DS's school report mainly focused on his concentration, or lack of. He really has no concentration span at all, even at home. He needs a lot of support to get work down on paper, and as soon as the teachers attention is turned he is away in a dream world again. He fidgets and fiddles on the carpet, and generally daydreams. He finds it hard to write, though this has got better over the last term, but his motor skills aren't that good. He is also painfully slow at getting dressed and is always putting things on inside out, back to front, wrong feet etc.

He is also very clumsy, falls over thin air, so many bumped heads he is called Mr Bump at school!

He also currently has an obsession with lamp posts, it's all he ever talks about. Not very exciting for me lol! His social skills aren't great, but he does have a few friends, but even then doesn't always play with them, just wanders around on his own in his own world.

His teacher has now admitted that she thinks his concentration issues are going to be a problem going into year 2, previously she though he was just immature and would grow out of it. The SENCo is looking into things, but it seems to be going very slow and I was wondering if Ishould go to the GP and ask to be referred instead? Would the GP need to see him?

I should also point out that we have ASD and Dyspraxia in the family, which is why I have my suspicions about DS.

I'm so worried about next year at school, he's already behind, except in Maths, and I'm worried about him falling further behind or his next teacher not being as wonderful and patient as his current one. I'm also worried that as he's not disruptive he'll be overlooked.

bassingtonffrench Tue 16-Jul-13 22:01:52

no real advice but just wanted to say I have similar issues with my DS so sympathize.

My current approach is to explore a range of options whilst trying not to panic too much or go into overdrive. I try to develop his skills at home. I read a lot about child development.

An appointment with the GP can't hurt. if nothing else it means they have it on record there that you had concerns should you need that evidence at a later date. you don't need to take him.

OMGGG Tue 16-Jul-13 22:07:55

i would def go to your gp explain your worries and ask to be referred to a developmental peaditrician.

mrsbaffled Tue 16-Jul-13 22:13:37

School have always told me to go through GP with my concerns. Apparently it is quicker to go via that route....

PolterGoose Wed 17-Jul-13 08:14:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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