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Sleep - it's all gone to pot

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BiscuitDunker Tue 16-Jul-13 15:16:35

Well my dd eventually gave up and fell asleep at 12:30 last night! As much as I love this time of year,nights like last night (and the past few weeks) really make me look forward to cold dark miserable evenings the autumn and winter bring,at least my dd actually goes to bed properly and at a decent time then!

That being said,dd2 is due in october so I think my nights of peace and quiet are well and truly over now for the next year or so lol!

Trigglesx Tue 16-Jul-13 07:47:27

DS is not a great sleeper anyway, but as soon as it gets hot, his sleep is awful, even with meds.

He has been up repeatedly at night (instead of his usual 3-4 times per night) since the weather got warmer.

It'll make for a miserable 6 weeks holiday, as I will spend most of it sleep deprived. But once autumn hits and the daytime gets shorter again and the temperatures drop somewhat, he'll go back to his norm. I can deal with 3-4 times per night (as long as he doesn't wake up his brother!!).

WildAndWoolly Tue 16-Jul-13 06:53:38

Hi! We get this every year in summer. We've got two boys with HFA who find it really difficult to settle at night. Right now is a total nightmare because it's not only the long daylight hours, but night is also so warm even I'm finding it difficult to sleep! Add to that the end of term coming up and daytime routines going to pot and things are getting very fraught.

NoPinkPlease Mon 15-Jul-13 23:44:27

Roll on October then... smile Thanks both, made me feel much better that this might not be permanent madness!

tacal Mon 15-Jul-13 22:43:00

Same here. I think the hot weather has affected my ds and making him very active at bed time. I think he always sleeps better during the winter months.

BiscuitDunker Mon 15-Jul-13 22:31:27

Oh and I don't think the extra hours of sunlight we get this time of year is helping matters either! Its messing me up with knowing what time it is in the evening so it must be effecting the kids too,half the time I don't even realise its gotten so late because its still soo bright outside!xx

BiscuitDunker Mon 15-Jul-13 22:27:53

I think its the weather tbh! My dd (4 next month) has very recently been diagnosed with asd but for the past few weeks bedtime-or more to the point getting her to go to sleep and stay asleep-has been an absolute nightmare! She goes to bed at 8pm latest normally but she's still awake now,making noises and playing with toys in her room! Drives me mad,she was absolutely knackered when I put her to bed at 8 tonight but seems she's having a second wind! All I want to do is chill out,put my feet up,have a cuppa and watch tv in peace before I go to bed myself lol x

NoPinkPlease Mon 15-Jul-13 21:59:56

Hi, ds(5) with ASD, hearing loss, s&l delay - everything else relatively ok, we kind of get by... sleep hasn't been a problem for ages, but suddenly about 3 weeks ago, he's not settling - staying up til 10,11, 11.30 and causing havoc generally in the process. Tonight, he got paint and covered his window and his brothers window and chair legs and his own legs... mare. Is it the weather? What else could it be? And HELP!!!

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