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issues with ds school AGAIN

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redbull Tue 06-Jun-06 12:45:03

as most of you know ds had his leg broke ar SN school ds has ASD, well yestersay came home VERY STRANGE took me 40 mins just to get himout side where i had set up all his favorite toys,
so he then tells me he is sad when i asked why he said he was scared of school as 2 of his friends had pushed him, what im worried about is as these 2 friends i know and they are NOT AGGRESSIVE, so it must of been them playing, so im concerned how do we explain this to ds with out him thinking its ok to be pushed malishasly?? so i tried the school to discuss it no answer on the phone phoned them up this morning ,
spoke to ds teacher and she took the attitude that i was saying 1)ds isnt being watched and 2)he is being hurt on purpose, im not worried about either of that i just dont know how to approach it with ds with out him getting confused as he is obviously convinced that when he gets pushed its been done nasty and his leg will get hurt (they play chasing games)
another thing is before half term for the last 3 days ds came home with his spare clothes on, so hed been wetting him self at school.
thought id keep an eye on it when they went back yesterday, when he came home more change of clothes on so on the phone this morning asked ds teacher about this and replied i thought hed had a few accidents dont know if their is a pattern to it i will keep an eye on it WTF????? shes the bloody teacher and she should of known somethings not right she should of been keeping an eye on it allready i shouldnt have to point this out to her.

when ever i phone the school (they really know me now!!) i get of the secretery "oh hello nicky AGAIN", so i feel like im making a fuss over fuck all and im one of them whinging moms what do you think of it all???

redbull Tue 06-Jun-06 14:28:23


redbull Tue 06-Jun-06 19:50:35

bump please some advice

2shoes Tue 06-Jun-06 21:35:40

is there someone else at the school you can talk to? i feel that sometimes teachers can take it all a bit personally so some one else may be able to mediate..

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