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DLA reward upgrade

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Graciefer Tue 06-Jun-06 02:47:04

my DS is 3.4 yrs and has a ASD diagnosis and is starting a SLD school in sept. We are currently getting middle rate award DLA. In the recent case review our paediatrician asked us to put in for the higher rate reward saying that she will support us in this and to give them her name and she will write a letter for them.

Thing is now i have to fill in the dreaded forms again i did photocopy them last time so not too bad but i would be grateful for any tips you guys have on what to add or terms to use ETC

thanx in advance

Graciefer Tue 06-Jun-06 02:50:40

ooops maybe i should say that we have had to board up the bottoms of the windows as he head butts and bangs them, he is likely to smear, all the furniture is laid on the floor (i.e chests of drawers) to stop him tipping them over on himself. the bedroom looks like there has been a twister 5 minutes after he goes to bed LOL

Davros Tue 06-Jun-06 10:16:07

To apply at times other than when your DLA is due for review you have to show some change in circumstances. So you will have to write a letter stating that you want them to "look again" due to a change in circs. You may decide that this is due to deterioriation in behaviour, backed up by your Paed which should be good enough in theory. Has your Pead given you any extra dx? e.g. ADHD, OCD or something? That would definitely make it easier. There is lots of advice on MN and old threads on DLA in general.

coppertop Tue 06-Jun-06 10:29:00

I wonder if you could also use age as a change in circumstances, depending on when the original application was filled in. The DLA claim-handler might've classed things like headbanging and smearing as a possible phase at 2yrs old but would hopefully take it a lot more seriously at 3.5yrs.

Cappucino Tue 06-Jun-06 10:35:39

look here

it's fantastic

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