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Visual Timer - thanks Davros

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springgreens Mon 05-Jun-06 10:10:48

Davros, you mentioned the Visual Time Tracker (available on the Letterbox site) a few weeks back, and I'm sending a thank you here as it has helped so much with my ds. The timer makes clear sounds and has a green, amber, red light system before time is up. My son finds it really difficult to move on from his books - which have always been his comfort/stimmy activity of choice. From the first time I used the timer it seemed to give him a very clear warning of change and helps us to have set boundaries over his use of books. Moreover, in his mind it is much easier to stop when the timer tells him to, than when I do. Would really recommend this to other MNs who are facing similar issues.
Thanks again

Davros Mon 05-Jun-06 17:59:03

I'm so glad its been helpful Springgreens and its very nice of you to give feedback and recommend the Timer to others. I haven't actually got one myself, although I've always fancied one, but I've already got the naffer one. I must think of a reason to get one...... or maybe a good idea to add to the next birthday list for DS? Some kids with SN seem to like traffic lights too so that probably makes it even more successful.
Oh, and I just noticed that Letterbox is one of MN's partners.

TAKENbluearmyDADDY Mon 05-Jun-06 20:35:34

hello got a son with ASD this would be good for tried looking for it have you got a link to it please thankyou

Lillypond Mon 05-Jun-06 22:46:58

Thanks springgreens and Davros for recommending this. We've been using a normal kitchen timer for DS but this looks better.

TBAD Visual Time Ttacker

Lillypond Tue 06-Jun-06 04:11:45

I've been up with DS all night and I keep coming back to this every time I put him to bed wondering if I should order it or not. Springgreens or Davros, or anyone else that knows, could you tell me how it works please? We've been using a normal kitchen timer with DS with some success, but his understanding of numbers is way beyond his understanding of language, time or anything else. Our problem is that he now thinks that everything ends with zero zero zero zero and he's confusing the hell out of everyone at school (Time to go home, DS announces to everyone that it's now zero, zero, zero, zero, everyone looks confused).

He understands traffic lights and this gadget could help him to understand the flow of time without keeping him fixated on a countdown. Not sure if I'm making sense here. I'm totally knackered and have had a drink to cheer myself up. Could someone explain what happens while the timer is counting down? Does it start at green and then change to amber a few minutes before time has run out and then go red when time is up? I really want somethng that will help DS to understand time flow but without associating time with numbers.

Thanks in advance

springgreens Tue 06-Jun-06 07:52:25

I don't understand how you're using a countdown with your ds at bedtime Lillypond, but I think this timer could help him to understand when things are finished with warning of the change approaching.

The timer is brill. You can set it to whatever time you want and there are different sounds for you to choose from. I've set mine for 1.30 minutes it starts with a flashing green light and ticking. Then
at 30 secs to go it flashes amber and ticks again. When times up it ticks again and flashes red.

It's good in that you can change it to whatever works best for you. It gets a big thumbs up from me.

Sorry that you've had an awful night. I hope this helps

Lillypond Tue 06-Jun-06 08:08:57

Sorry SG, I didn't mean that I use the timer at bedtime. I was just trying to explain why I was posting at 4am.

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds brill

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