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Advice needed on how to keep the current support.

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SOTIRIA Fri 05-Jul-13 08:18:29

The HT has moved my DS's 1-1 support to another child in the school and given me a younger, less qualified and less experienced person. My DS has had a great year and I am devastated sad at the news.

I would be very grateful for any advice on tackling this issue with the HT?

lougle Tue 09-Jul-13 22:00:25

bialystockandbloom, I agree that if provision isn't provided as per statement, then the OP should complain using that letter. I get the impression, though, that this is a matter of the provision being provided, but the OP feels it hasn't been provided in the way, or by whom, she felt appropriate.

In that situation, unless the Statement specifies the training that the member of staff providing the therapy has, then as long as the programme is being delivered as specified by the Health Professional who sets it, then there is no breach of the Statement.

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