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Problems with SENCO

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Killotte Thu 04-Jul-13 09:27:29

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and would appreciate Some advice.
My daughter has for many years had medical problems but we always managed to cope but when she got to upper school she couldn't and had a break down. Her psychiatrist put her on a part time timetable to relieve the pressure. When she went back she couldn't access classes of more than about 10 pupils without feeling claustrophobic and having a major panic attack. Her psychiatrist said about going to a different school because he felt that her current school couldn't cope or provide the care and small class sizes. We spoke to this school and had meetings with the SENCO department and all the professionals were there ( by this time medical needs tuition was involved) her new school said they could accommodate her with small classes of no more than 10. Everyone was happy and she started there but after three weeks they started to force her into lessons, even though it was started by everyone at the moment this isn't possible, which caused major anxiety for her. They was asked to stop by her psychiatrist and our selves by they carried on. She refused to go to school until its sorted out,so we are have a meeting on Friday with the school but what I'd like to know is do they have to accommodate my daughter with these small classes? and can they ignore the lead consultants advice making my daughter totally unwell. The disability in education act seems to be focusing on getting disabled children into mainstream lessons not avoiding them.
As this problem with school is recent thing they are gathering evidence for a sensa but at the moment she's on a school action plus. I hope this is in the right thread now.
Any comments appreciated

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 04-Jul-13 10:38:16

You can apply for a statutory assessment yourself.

Make sure you have the psychiatrist's recommendation in writing. That is possibly all the evidence you need for the class size thing.

Look at IPSEA website, find the model letter for applying then just send the letter. That will a)get the ball rolling and b) make your SENCO pay attention.

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