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Nursery, playgroup for complex needs, South London or nearby...

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Tootsandblanket Thu 04-Jul-13 09:23:13

Morning all , I'm looking for a drop in nursery or playgroup type affair to take DD to. I've visited the local opportunity drop in group and was underwhelmed by what was available for DD. The staff were lovely but we felt nearly everything there was inappropriate for DD. I'm investigating to see what else is out there as I am happy to travel a bit further to go to something that would suit her. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations ? We live in South East London, so I think any where in London, Surrey or Kent. Thanks.

frizzcat Thu 04-Jul-13 12:57:33

I know there is an SN pre-school in Lewisham near the high st. I'll try and find out the name for you, but heard good things about it.
Also check Little Rascals in Bellingham, I'm sure they do Monday mornings for disabled children - it's a soft play, not very glam but means its difficult for dc to hurt themselves

DisAstrophe Thu 04-Jul-13 16:40:11

Warren Park in Kingston on Thames do a weekly play group for under fives with SN. It a Local authority thing and but I think it is a drop in. No idea of whether it is restricted local children.

In Surrey I know they do a weekly therapy playgroup but I think that is referral only and probably just for surrey residents.

Otherwise Surbiton children's centre sure start and Tolworth Children's Centre Surestart used to have a very good mainstream drop in. They should be able to adapt for most children. But you wouldn't necessarily get the moral support from having other parents in the same or similar situations.

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