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Preparing son for move from ms to special school

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MovingForward0719 Thu 04-Jul-13 09:07:38

Hi my little man is leaving his ms school to go to special school in September. He is 6 with ASD. He has a visit to the school coming up. His language and comprehension are still limited. Bearing in mind there is going to be a 6 week break in between what is the best way to prepare him? I am thinking of a simple social story before his visit to new school. Then we will have goodbye old school in the days after that. I'm not sure how much to say about the new school in the hols bearing in mind we have a holiday to prepare him for too. My gut feel is to focus on the fact that school has finished until after the hol and then start building him up to start new school when we get back, which will be about 10 days before he starts. Also he will hopefully be having transport but I'm not sure whether to do this from Day 1 or settle him first and then add transport in. Aargh, am I over thinking this?

iwanttoscream Thu 04-Jul-13 11:09:45

Has your son has a taster/transition day? My daughter is moving to ss in September. She's been going there half a day each week, as we felt she needed it, to make it easier for her in September when she goes into yr 7. What transition help have you been offered? Maybe make a book with pictures of his new school and uniform will help. You are not over thinking this, as your son is only 6. Talk with your flo/senco maybe get them to contact new school to arrange visit/more visits to help your son adjust.

DisAstrophe Thu 04-Jul-13 11:29:04

Call the new school and ask what their plans are. Generally they should prepare a book with photos of the new school, and photos and names of the key teaching staff.

I'd go with transport from day 1 but then after a week or so see if you can arrange that you pick up on a scheduled day or days each week so you can get to speak to the staff in person, see the other kids and meet some parents.

Not over thinking at all. Sensibly planning. smile

eggsandwich Thu 04-Jul-13 11:36:11

My ds has asd and was 9 when he moved from ms primary school to his special school, prior to him leaving his ms school he had a couple of transition days to familiarize himself with his new school and also his new class teacher and fellow classmates. My ds teaching assistant at his ms school attended with him on these days to help with the transition and to help his new teacher have a better understanding of him.
My ds also has a taxi taking him to school with a chaperone, if your son is going by taxi the company normally come and visit you and this enables the child to see car they will travel in and also meet the driver, this is what happened in our area. I also prepared my ds by doing the journey to his new school once a week during the six weeks holidays to prepare him, and we would sit in the car outside the school while he would eat his lunch and was able to process and take it all in, while telling him this is his new school, I also went on the school website and he would sit with me while we looked. My ds is non verbal and is now 13 and in the secondary department of the school and he settled in really well and is still happy with his school even now. I'm also a big advocate of social stories as well.

autumnsmum Thu 04-Jul-13 17:21:36

My dd is going to ss in sept and we are doing some visits and they are going to give her some photos on the second visit

MovingForward0719 Thu 04-Jul-13 17:27:19

Thanks, he has a visit coming up so hopefully they will have prepared something. I don't like to ring and ask in case I get off on the wrong foot! Having had a weird relationship with his ms school and nursery before that, I am desparate for this to work out! I will still have his brother in the ms school for next year so just trying to work out how I can juggle it all, along with a hubby who is VERY eager for me to go back to work!

neontetra Thu 04-Jul-13 19:48:25

As someone who works in a SS, I would say please don't worry about ringing with any questions, or suggestions, you may have regarding transition. The school should be very happy to work with you on this, as they will very much want things to go as well as possible for your son, and should be delighted to work with you on this. Hope all goes well - good luck.

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