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Testing her boundaries

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eidsvold Sat 03-Jun-06 14:26:38

dd1 ( turning 4 in August) has suddenly turned into Miss NO! Every suggestion,, request comment is greeted with a nah! or NO! she is just refusing to be helpful or co operative. Is this a 'normal' phase and is she finally starting to see other behaviour at kindy that is starting to come home - or not?!?!

I have become my mother in reply ' i don't care whether you want to or not - just do it.....' or the other one ' don't you say no to me' which is invariably met with another NO!!

It is driving me mad - know it is small in the grand scheme of things but boy it can really get up one's nose. I know she is also doing it at sn kindy but will then turn around and do it...

any suggestions??

2shoes Sat 03-Jun-06 15:11:15

my dd can't talk only has a few "proper" words but her fave (apart from hurry up) is no. i think it is an age thing.(dd is 11 but as she has cp things happen at a different time) I am quite sure I went through that with ds and he is nt.

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