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Good news here as well!

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Jimjams Thu 05-Feb-04 11:13:45

Just got the results of the CARS (childhood autism rating scale) test for ds1 which BIBIC did.

He came out as 34 which is mild to moderate autism!!!

Hooray!!!! I'm really pleased, was worried he would come out severe! Beaming all over here.

mrsforgetful Thu 05-Feb-04 11:20:37

I am so pleased that you got that result- just shows how well he has responded to all the hard work you have put in and also "well done" to 'MiniJams' for doing so great too!!

Angeliz Thu 05-Feb-04 11:24:58

Really pleased for you Jimjams

Well done to your son+

Hulababy Thu 05-Feb-04 11:25:25

Really pleased for you both.

Jimjams Thu 05-Feb-04 11:27:28

Not sure its well done to him really- it's just where he is on the spectrum (its never been officially measured before). it's just that I've wondered and often thought he could come out as severe (especially as he's non verbal). Then if I've thought he wasn't severe I've wondered whether I've been kidding myself. I never thought the word mild would feature at all so that's a very pleasant surprise. He still has other problems of course- they're just not autism.

mrsforgetful Thu 05-Feb-04 11:30:55

yes I'm sure 'mild' has it's own 'spectrum'or 'range' too!!

fio2 Thu 05-Feb-04 11:45:27

jimjams thats lovely

SoupDragon Thu 05-Feb-04 11:47:02

That's really good to hear!

Thomcat Thu 05-Feb-04 12:06:48

That's the best news of the week
I'm really pleased for you all.
Good excuse for a curry and a really good bottle of red tonight I think! - What will you be having!!!

twiglett Thu 05-Feb-04 12:30:05

message withdrawn

aloha Thu 05-Feb-04 13:19:29

He sounds a great boy. The lack of language is obviously a problem for him and for you, but he's beautiful and sweet and loving. I hope he continues to give you wonderful surprises

RexandBen Thu 05-Feb-04 15:06:18

That's great Jimjams!!!!

How did you get to see BIBIC? I went on their website but it wasnt working properly Did you have to pay for it?

Jimjams Thu 05-Feb-04 15:29:19

Yes you do have to pay for it, although you can fundraise and that can specifically be offset against your bill. And they do offer bursaries.

usually you ring them, and then they do a phone interview to see whether they can help you. The first assessment is 3 days and follow ups are one or 2 days.

It's very good for helping with sensory issues and motor problems. We also had a great SALT report form there which helped us access more help down here- so that was useful. They do understand autism which is also helpful!

hmb Thu 05-Feb-04 15:55:10

Best news I have been given all day! Hugs to you both!

maddiemo Thu 05-Feb-04 16:33:04

Glad to hear your news.
Did you ask for a CARS test or do they do it as standard. We are going to BIBIC in July. I'm excited already
Rex and Ben, the website hasn't been working properly for a while best to call them.

Davros Thu 05-Feb-04 16:42:33

Great news Jimjams. I don't know if we ever had CARS, I know we had various Vinelands, McArthurs, Bayley scales etc. TC, how can you drink red wine with a ruby? Its go to be beer, nice and cold, mmmmmmmmmm

tamum Thu 05-Feb-04 18:28:50

Oh, I'm so pleased jimjams! He so obviously has such a lot of lovely qualities, and that's great news aswell.

Sorry I haven't replied to your email yet, nothing concrete to report yet, but I am looking into it.

lou33 Thu 05-Feb-04 20:23:59

Oh Jimjmas, how FANTASTIC !

Eulalia Thu 05-Feb-04 23:16:04

Jimjams - not logged on here in ages and I come to this special news - how great

tigermoth Thu 05-Feb-04 23:34:33

jimjams, I am really, really pleased for you. It's just so nice that you have such good news to report.

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