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A small update from me...

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neverputasockinatoaster Sun 23-Jun-13 23:41:29

On Tuesday DS had a massive 'do' in the park and I had to manhandle him to the car.
On Wednesday I had an anxiety attack over the thought of going to work and have been signed off and given ADs.
On Thursday I had a meeting with the HT and SENCO at DS's school. DH came which is a direct result of me being signed off - one of my issues is that I feel I am the only one who takes any responsibility for DS's schooling.
DS IS on School Action, the fact that I hadn't seen an IEP or IBP came as a shock to the SENCO.......... We have another meeting on Friday to agree targets.
The HT had to listen to some home truths about the fact that DS baiting has become a bit of a 'sport' in his school. The fact that the home truths came from his SENCO may have made it hurt more. She was his teacher in year 1 so knows him well.
We have agreed that DS will have a weekly session with a TA he knows and trusts to work on anger management and feelings issues - we are looking at strategies that worked for DS when he was in KS1 but which the teachers in KS2 seem to have abandoned....
The HT has PROMISED me that ALL staff (including the shouty deputy) will be given a copy of DS's pupil profile....
DS is going to give a talk about having ASD (if he is up for it - if not I will be going in to do it instead..) to his year and the year above.
DH took lots of notes and on Monday the HT will get an email summarising the meeting and what we agreed....
I may be going in to talk to the staff about how DS's ASD impacts on every moment of our lives...
I have been to the GP and got a referral to CAHMS but the GP doesn't hold out much hope there as they turned us down last time as DS wasn't suicidal....
DH seems to have stepped up to the plate on this and is not just leaving it to me.
Things are not sorted by any means but we have moved forward at least.
Thank you for all the support in here.

sammythemummy Mon 24-Jun-13 06:52:44

Pleased to hear things are progressing smile

zzzzz Mon 24-Jun-13 07:15:18

That sounds so positive. Well done you and well done Dh for taking a more proactive role.

popgoestheweezel Mon 24-Jun-13 07:19:18

Sorry to hear you reached a crisis but hoping it will also be a turning point and you and your ds get the help and support you need.

EllenJanesthickerknickers Mon 24-Jun-13 08:34:52

That does sound like progress. Does your school get access t any autism advisory teachers from the LA? He would need to be referred to them by the school. Our local ones are actually very good and regularly give a talk about autism to the DC in the classes affected. It has been a really positive thing for the 3 DC that I know about. DC have become much more tolerant and in some cases, protective. I hope it works for your DS. Emphasise some of the positives as well as explaining the differences.

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