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No natural curves in spine

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HugAndRoll Sat 22-Jun-13 09:32:07

Hi all. I posted this question on the thread for my son here: but its not had a lot of foot traffic and I can't find any answers online.

My 5 year old had physio for the first time since he could walk (at 2yrs) this week as a joint appointment with his hypermobile baby brother (13 months). He has balance and coordination issues and when checking him it was noted that his elbows are hypermobile (fine, have experience of that) he doesn't have enough muscle in his shoulders and bum (fine, have exercises and will keep him active) and he has no natural curves in his spine. It's totally flat.

I did the usual "ok no probs" left with the exercises and its now playing on my mind. There is very little information online and that I can find is regarding flat spine after scoliosis surgery which is not the case for him, he just didn't ever get the curves.

Have any of you come across this before and if so what are your experiences?

HugAndRoll Sat 22-Jun-13 09:32:26

HugAndRoll Sun 23-Jun-13 08:45:02


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HugAndRoll Mon 24-Jun-13 13:49:40

Last feeble attempt to bump...

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