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Need sleepys

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Pinkbaby3 Sun 28-May-06 22:33:30

My DS wont sleep at night he keeps waking up and screaming, it can go on for hours, does anyone have the same problem? I have a newborn baby to see to aswell so its even more tiring at mo. My DP helps but he has to get up for work. Any tips or ideas would be most welcome!

reiver Wed 31-May-06 20:34:28

Oh Pinkybay3 you must be exhausted with a new baby as well. How old is your DS? Just wondering whether he's teething, ear infection or bit unsettled by new arrival?

reiver Wed 31-May-06 20:36:05

I'm tired too this evening ........sorry that should read Pinkbaby3!!

emmalou78 Wed 31-May-06 21:29:38

My cousin had a similar problem with her little girl [NT] a whilst ago nad it turned out she was scared becuase she could hear their neighbours through the wall, and becuase baby was in wiht mum and adad why couldn't she be.. they bought her a cd player and have classical music ona low volume all night fo her and its worked a treat..

ave yo seen yhey migh be ble to your GP, they might be able to recomend or prescribe a very short term fix for you?

emmalou78 Wed 31-May-06 21:31:06

no idea what happened there

should read

have you seen your GP, they might be able to recomend or prescribe a short term fix

Thomcat Wed 31-May-06 21:51:13

Oh poor you hon.
Pls remind me what hes special needs are.
I think some people might use melatonin, do they, possibly, need confirmation on this.

My DD doesn't wake up screaming but does wake up and get up a lot and wakes v v v early and won't go back to sleep. I also have a new born, well 5 months now but still on 2 night feeds a night so you have my sympathies.

Thomcat Wed 31-May-06 21:51:59

Is it night terrors? Is he deffo awake when he screams?

Pinkbaby3 Fri 02-Jun-06 10:24:06

Hello, thanks for replys, DD1 gas ASD, he is awake when he screams, doc wont give him anything have tried. he is 3 and a half.
I might try using some soothing music, i would have to put cd player somewhere high up though, out of the way. He does seem to be scared of thingd in his room, cosi team suggested not having to many things in his room.

Pinkbaby3 Fri 02-Jun-06 10:25:37

I cant spell ! sorry, must be cus im tired.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Fri 02-Jun-06 11:10:28

gut pain? Apparently can be a cause of unexplained night crying/screaming. Is he verbal, or would he understand "show me where it hurts" (ds1 has just started understanding that and its really helpful- he's 7 though so may be a bit soon for your ds)

Could it be anything to do with the baby. DS1 did exactly this for several weeks starting when ds2 was about 2 weeks old (and ds1 was just short of 3). We used homeopathy(!!! in desperation and it bloody worked). We used silica 30C lunchtime and bedtime, it worked right away. We gave it for 3 days then stopped (it worked from the first night). Other possible remedies would be chamomila and pulsatilla.

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