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think my child may have a ype of autism

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rubadubdub Sun 28-May-06 22:03:53

shes always bad tempered though she is disabled in other ways, physically ,plus medical problems, the doctors say she will have autistic tendancys, but i want to no whats going on really , we can't be a normal family, she dislikes so many things it becoming hard on the whole family, altough i love her to bits, i a have a small feeling its asbergus, not sure if i've spelt it right

bunny3 Sun 28-May-06 22:18:32

aspergers. My ds has been assessed for this and no diagnosis made but I still know something is not quite right. He has other medical problems too.It's hard isnt it?!
Am off to bed soon but will watch this thread.

rubadubdub Sun 28-May-06 22:22:18

thanks, year you know when somethings just not right , u make excuses but in its confusing because of all the other problems, but i will keep pushing the docs like u do

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